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  1. Alexei mikhailichenko, had to fucking Google the spelling
  2. I'm pretty gutted to be honest, I just wanted to know if he found his book or not
  3. And he's not a very good one either 🤣
  4. Cheers for the recommendation but I can't be fucked reading posts on here that are more than 5 lines long so the chances of me reading a book that I know is at least 66 pages long are slim to none
  5. Am I the only cunt who has no idea what fear and loathing in las Vegas is??
  6. Would be great if this was an operation tango by the union bears
  7. Folk that think we're not going to win on Sunday should watch both az goals to give you a bit of optimism
  8. Scott Wright got a jab on the 15th of this month, not sure if 1st or 2nd
  9. I'd love to know if the spfl informed cinch that their logo might not be displayed by us while they were negotiating the sponsorship deal
  10. Their lack of depth will catch up with them in a couple of months, I predict we'll have a comfortable cushion at the top of the league by Xmas
  11. No not really, there's literally 3 or 4 posters who want the allocations returned with the vast majority saying the decision to keep them out is the right one
  12. If we were in a position to that why did we not get the 2 quality players in before last night's game?
  13. Poor recruitment over the summer, we needed a decent midfielder and an actual target man up front, no idea where we go from here
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