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  1. Most of them can only think one step ahead at a time and don’t have the sense to realise the inconstancies in there drivel such as Howe going from a great to a shite manager in the time it takes Alfie to score WATP
  2. I know they are just like another four lads and did what any of us would have done if we were lucky enough to be in their situation, but I am glad they were and just want to say a big thank you to them for their part in the journey back to where we belong. WATP savour the moment
  3. Wish you were here to see it big brother ( taken away by the damned COVID to early ) but I know you will be looking down with a smile anyway WATP
  4. Showing my age tenner when it got the wooden bench’s and became the Centenary Stand
  5. Always wanted to say this Bears Den !!!
  6. I have one as well given it as a gift when I was born apparently Oops given my age away lol WATP
  7. Big thanks to my big brother who surprised me that morning and gave me one of my greatest Rangers memories by taking me to my first final and game v them
  8. Yes totally agree if I remember correctly he scored a hatrick against st Johnstone in the early seventies when I first started going regularly
  9. Hi I do agree he is super ally but I should have said ‘ that may or may not be true’
  10. Aye that may be true but without him we would not have had 54 titles as some of his record number of goals were game winners leading to points toward championships not to mention he did play a key role in keeping us alive before it went wrong as a manager as it did for John Greig another of the great Rangers players I have cheered on wearing the Rangers shirt for over 50 years
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