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  1. Haha... I wasn't asking you personally I was using the (queues) part of your post mate I was throwing the question out generally to anyone who also wonders why the club don't do this ?
  2. Why isn't there a pay at the gate?...this would encourage more bears to attend who maybe can't get away from work on time to stand in long queues. The East Fife game was pay at the gate and it was a bumper of an attendance...all our cup ties should be pay at the gate, if it was limited to certain parts of the stadium as was the case v East Fife then so be it.
  3. I think that will rise and here's hoping we get the result and a good performance too! If we can get to the semis there's every chance we will get drawn to play Savco!...scum bastards!
  4. The RST statement: "The opportunity to obtain a meaningful stake in Rangers and effective representation is within our grasp" If I buy shares...who is the "effective representation" and speaking for me?
  5. I'd hit you that many times you'd think you were surrounded son.
  6. If you mean physically why don't we see if that's true?
  7. Where are all the posters who not long ago said the mhanks would do all they could to make the SPL look competitive ?
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