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  1. It's great you've been over this but I don't check the forum daily nor the 300 pages I've missed but I'm glad you responded anyway as it helps answer my question. I find it interesting, that's all. Under this interpretation, you could have the ball at one side of the box and have a foul committed off the ball at the other side of the box, with no impact in play and it stil be a penalty. Seems wrong, somehow. Anyway happy to accept the rules are daft.
  2. Just watched the highlights of their penalty miss on BBC. Can someone explain how it was a penalty, red card I could understand (although laughably, he literally puts both hands on the big lad (foul) before getting a slap and dying with cuntcussion). But why was it a penalty, it was an off the ball incident (the ball is in the keepers hands)? Surely it's a red card only?
  3. It honestly does my nut in to see the fact we surrender the centre of the pitch for loading the wings continually.
  4. Big Boydy, still scoring for fun up here.
  5. In any blue collar job in the 80s it was fairly common practice to initiate the apprentices. I wouldn't be surprised by it, although mostly for me it was grease in boots, or rubbed inside your overalls if you left your locker door unlocked. I was an apprentice and went to college with 50 others and you could all share stories.
  6. Alfie may be a problem but frankly, with the way our midfield pass it side to side and offer no support to him, we'll never know.
  7. Get a VPN service - I can recommend https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/ This gives you a simple to use VPN service (allows you to surf the web seemlingly from anywhere in the world) Buy a RTV subscription. Fire up your VPN, pick France, watch RTV. Simples.
  8. The won eight in row (although most tainted) They were awarded one. They never won nine in a row.
  9. Well we don't know who it was commissioned by or paid for, as he won't tell anyone.
  10. Question is what do we hope to achieve with it? 32 clubs have to agree to it - they will vote with self interest, not whether celtic get another title, they couldn't care less. If our evidence prolongs the league, the uncertainty and risks the cash/ good graces with UEFA, clubs won't care what evidence we have. I think the best we can do is remove a number of celtic placemen, Doncaster/ McLennan/ McKenzie and start to remove their iron grip.
  11. I'd play lopsided, Hagi through the middle and Kent can wander left and right.
  12. It would be good if the canned the whole Scottish Parliament and devolved services as well. How much waste must that generate duplicating so much up here that can be run nationally.
  13. Very true: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/archives/news/28245/celtic-chief-gers-are-boring-holy-willies/ A certainly sectarian as its a reference to Burn's poem on the Church of Scotland.
  14. Rival fans in naught names shocker. A story written to give the unwashed obsessives something to feast on.
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