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  1. Big Boydy, still scoring for fun up here.
  2. In any blue collar job in the 80s it was fairly common practice to initiate the apprentices. I wouldn't be surprised by it, although mostly for me it was grease in boots, or rubbed inside your overalls if you left your locker door unlocked. I was an apprentice and went to college with 50 others and you could all share stories.
  3. The statement that there is no God is ridiculous. You are stating a belief, not a fact. And belief is the realm of religion. Atheism is just as bad as any other religion. Where is your proof? There is a branch of current scientific thinking that posits all there may be is consciousness, matter doesn't exist at the fundamental level. Panpsychism goes back to Plato and still retains credibility today. If I had a state a belief state, I'd go with agnosticism, however I'd like to imagine a world where the entirely of the universe is 'god' and we're each a part of it.
  4. We got nothing from the game. Every second ball went to celtic. Every tackle went to celtic. Thought the referee was poor but we struggled to get any rhythm going.
  5. To be fair, I never thought they'd charge him. So that's something. I doubt anything will be done though.
  6. Gaffer says "I need Ibrox to be rockin' at the weekend" Challenge accepted.
  7. I take credit for that goal. Just before I lost my shit watching and thinking we'd drop 2 points and roared at the TV for Rangers to get it done....he did! Fucking awesome !
  8. Gerrard will be on his way out of Ibrox at the end of this season regardless of the result. 2 years up here is more than enough and shown his ability to build a team/ squad and manage the backroom stuff already. He'll head to a mid-table premiership team to continue his career and he'll go with my best wishes. I hope we're planning for his exit already and ensuring all the good work he has done behind the scenes with youth/ fitness/ analysis isn't lost with him.
  9. Reckon this will be his last year at Rangers, regardless if we win or not. 2 valuable years experience and he’ll look for a premiership job. If he wins league then he’ll have achieved what was required. If he loses then he’ll not want to be here for the fall out.
  10. I read that as our scouts are pish, we're getting someone in who knows what modern scouting is about.
  11. English players are over rated as clubs need them for their squads for domestic and european games to meet quotas.
  12. Compliance officer's video submission
  13. Await Scottish pundit melt down on first drop ball/ free kick coz they know fuck all about the rules.
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