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  1. But then we'd miss out on the crowd noise
  2. I'm concerned about that wrong flavour being used. What happened?
  3. I watched it on there. Heard him commentating before. Definitely think he's anti us. Can just tell he's desperate for the other team to score. And half hearted praise for us. Bit like delacunt
  4. Gman36

    Ryan Kent

    When him and morelos click they are fucking unstoppable.
  5. I bought this thinking it was a stream fucked it
  6. Gman36

    Ryan Kent

    I think that's the point with it. We spent 7 million and hoped to get someone who would kick on and be worth 20 million or more. As it is he's probably still worth what we paid for him. So I think we got what we paid for, but currently he doesn't look like he's suddenly going to be a superstar. It's unfair to be overly critical of him for that. He could've been an absolute dud and barely played. As it is he's made a big contribution to us (almost) winning the title. For me he's inconsistent but has conjured some magic at key moments to justify the fee we paid for him.
  7. I get it, we've pretty much done it. The misplaced arrogance and complacency was what brought together the young players for that gathering they shouldn't have had. We can't allow any slacking off of standards. Covid is still lurking and so this season of all seasons is one to keep the cigars in the box until its mathematically won.
  8. Winning the league is the number one priority, something we haven't as yet completed.
  9. Aye fucking on it tonight now after the scum result. Been holding back because I can't face the prospect of any kind of jinx. But we're almost fucking there....
  10. We were a bit shaky at the start of the game today. He stood up and took the game by the scruff of the neck. Absolutely fantastic performance today, helped us to have the game done by the hour mark.
  11. Aribos been fucking outstanding today!!! What a performance.
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