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  1. Aye that's the one, actually wasnt my first game proper, I was watching what I could from the gates outside like a wee jakey. First game proper was the 94 Scottish Cup final
  2. That's the health equivalent of the Billy Big baws don't snitch type patter. When we all know something serious happened to someone they'd be straight on the phone to the polis.
  3. How many years have we been saying this though? So basically we need to win at least 2 iar or we're fucked? Again we're thinking unsustainably and putting immense pressure on the players. There was a fair bit of luck last season too / scum meltdown. We might not be so lucky this season. I reckon if we'd received good enough bids players would've been off.
  4. For all yous moaning about camera angles I'm on a train with shite WiFi and can see fuck all apart from the clips posted on here
  5. We were bound to lose a game in the league eventually. Going to be a long season. All that chat pre season we were winning on a canter was nonsense and today has proven it
  6. Is that just the sellik minded media desperately clutching at straws then? Surely to fuck the fact psv have pumped them 3-0 in the first leg, to do anything but let that play out would be massively unfair to psv.
  7. Don't lose any more goals and hopefully try and sneak one back
  8. Have they agreed a lower weekly wage in the hope of punting them for nothing in a year or two if it doesn't work out? 3 and 4 year contracts sound like madness though. Seems like two pish signings but can't slag them too much for that, we've had our fair share of hasbeens through the door in recent years. But fingers crossed two panic buy duds to appease them.
  9. Binged yesterdays posts in this thread this morning, perfect hangover cure
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