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  1. That goal is forever etched in my mind.
  2. Like an upgraded Newcastle brown ale. The newcy broon torps taste great, but the cruzcampo gran reserva is a huge step up. Would highly recommend.
  3. Polished this off in an hour or so, absolutely fantastic beer.
  4. Birra moretti on sale if anyone's needing a refill.
  5. they've got the lower strength one too. im no beer expert, but to me the blond 4.6 is half way between a blonde beer and a standard pilsner lager, and doesnt quite manage to be either. splitting hairs though, if you fancy a few swallys from the torps then it'll still do the job no bother.
  6. had an affligem fris blond 4.6% last night, washed down with a few jd's and ice. was the first one of the torps ive had so far that i was a bit meh... i mean its nice, just not up to the level of any of the other torps ive had. not a patch on the full bore affligem blond 6.7% they have. got a pelforth on the go the now, fantastic....
  7. Got two separate batches of purchases coming in the next week or so, pretty much went round the card of all that's been put on the website recently. Will need to be sensible and pace myself.
  8. For me it's absolutely perfect, but it's probably quite a narrow range of use. I'm someone who does the majority of my drinking at home at the weekend, having the equivalent of 4/5 pints or so a session. Quite happy drinking cans of tennants, but like to buy a few fancy beers here and there too. So for me I still have a base of cans, but the torps have replaced the fancy bottles I'd have. And there's no comparison between the torps and bottles/cans, the torps are far superior. A house gathering with three or more guys wanting to tan a fair few beers in a session, it wouldnt really
  9. 5.5% I think, there or thereabouts. Fantastic beer highly recommend it if it appears again. Just finished my edelweiss, now on cans of estrella. I'm getting spoiled by these torps, cans now don't taste all that great.
  10. The brand up I had last night was superb. Possibly my favourite pilsner I've had so far. I think that's the freshest tasting beer I've had that's not been in a pub. Have to try and pace myself as I could rattle through the two litres in an hour or so. Got an edelweiss chilling in the freezer for tonight. My system is one or two torps at the weekend, and then once Ive had my torp I switch to cans. Otherwise its an expensive way of drinking.
  11. Got a Brand Up on the go the now, fantastic pint.
  12. Aye I saw that, basically rushed out an inferior batch to get some stock out maybe?
  13. Affligem, amstel and Heineken were available at the start of the week. I shat it and didn't order any... Beginning to get concerned I've fucked it and should've just ordered a batch.
  14. Any kind of restrictive diet is not going to be particularly good for you long term when you're cutting out good food. The low carb, high fat/protein diets are OK for a while if you're wanting to diet for a holiday or wedding, but are not going to be sustainable. The trick with all the fad diets is it removes the element of willpower and provides a thoughtless way of eating. But almost no one can keep that going forever. The hard truth is lots of vegetables, some fruits, nuts, moderate levels of carbs (potatoes, pasta etc), dairy and meat intake, and ensure your calories out are th
  15. WFH has probably eliminated a lot of the fear
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