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  1. Jakes in kilts with trainers and glengarry hats.Cringworthy.
  2. The Celtic minded way. Why wont broadcasters comment and expose them nationwide?
  3. Looks good.Be better if some natural light came in at side of stand though.
  4. I thought Templeton was great when he came on, but you cant be MOTM for playing 15 mins !
  5. A bust of Sandy Jardine or how about a full size statue at the stand named in his honour. Sandy was one of the account keepers of RFFF.
  6. For those who collect programmes,a mate said tonights is a e-programme.I don't know if there is an actual printed paper programme.Is this a first? Link www.queensparkfc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08Rangers-Programme.pdf
  7. If only Temps could head a ball downward.Agree service to Boyd was poor.
  8. The Copland needs a name on the roof now to complete the set.Only stand without now!
  9. Been some good ones but Lovenkrands with 6 seconds left in cup final.Brilliant feeling
  10. Out of all the medal winners was Lyndsey the only bluenose?
  11. Why is their name lit up on stand roof,no need for it to be.Why do the commentators keep saying celtic park at every opportunity.
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