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  1. Can`t dispute his passion for his work, would hate to work for him.
  2. Crossed thre bridge on the way home from work today they were just finishing the last of the barrier must have got the heads up from Hampden
  3. Fantastic statement from our manager lets us know who is really to blame for this fiasco!! time to get behind the team buy season tickets over subscribe if need be all excess goes to the RFFF looks like we Ally might need it. WATP
  4. Brian Laudrup is the best player I have seen playing at Ibrox
  5. In at work check RM while waiting on the kettle to boil.
  6. We took the SFA to court to fight a 12 month transfer embargo because it wasn,t within their powers to hand out such a punishment how is a 6 month ban any different.
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