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  1. Fed up having holidays cancelled, had 5 cancelled this year, 2020 can fuk right off
  2. Got sent this and for a minute I thought it was a boiler I’d fitted 😂😂😂 shat masel
  3. Mate, when I was in the army I was as patriotic as they come, but see now I can’t stand to watch the National team, between the booing off any off our players, or the infestation of yes voting tarriers, I can’t see that changing any time soon (sadly)
  4. Keep the head troops, these cunts are there for the taking, they’re absolutely shite btw
  5. Nerves kicking in big time now troops, needing a shite, don’t want tae stink this customers house out though 😂
  6. I’m out for a half shift this morning, loads off the cunts walking about, gid job I’m blasting the cultural tunes full pelt out the van
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