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  1. Fat Crocker was creaming himself first them and to get a late winner mate
  2. That celtic defence is dug shite, put pressure on them and they crumble
  3. Wish I was man, fukkin stuck on call, wife and her pals all steamin downstairs, shite Saturday night for me 😂
  4. Really nice beer, shocking pour when you’re pished though
  5. Who was that with? My P&O cruise got cancelled, they offered 125%, cunts put there prices up by more than the 125%
  6. Fukkin Shite news RIP big man 💙
  7. Ignore him man, he’s a fukkin mongo
  8. https://www.coolstays.com/property/airship-002/19480 looking at booking this place for a few days
  9. Usual forum mongs out it force doing anything but defending our fans again
  10. Spot on scotty, from 93 until I joined the army was unbelievable mate, reckon I’d be deed if I hadn’t joined the army 😂
  11. That Edith Bowman bint fi the BBC’s mum and dad owned that I’m sure
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