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  1. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the moonhowlers would be out!!, auld Phil Mcgobblegiver tempting his followers to keep paying him for writing his Shite
  2. New crest to fit in wi the new club, cause fat mike owns our old yin...sevcoooooooooo
  3. Used to always be parkas fuk I was gonny get a bad yin mate, never happened thank fuk 😂😂
  4. Spending a fortune on these Kegs, pours fukkin lovely though
  5. Who gives a fuck???, play the games, win the games, fuck them
  6. Sheep away 1st game.....”just kick the fukkin baw Goldson”
  7. That’s the reason I bought it 😂😂😂
  8. I’ve not tasted it yet mate, it’s in the post
  9. I’ve just bought 8 fukkin litres off the stuff 😂
  10. This The same wee fannies that say “aw we’ve progressed this season” etc we fannies
  11. Gonny book a log cabin somewhere remote, Me, the Mrs, the dug, plenty drink and ching....try and forget this Shitty year so far
  12. We’ve started up as the same forum, same fans, same everything.....sevcoooooooooo
  13. Has the daily rebel not confirmed it’s genuine?
  14. Double post, fukkin moretti 😂😂😂
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