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  1. I’m gonny build a bar out the back garden mate, thought I’d get one of the beer blades for it, mainly because I don’t want to be trying to change torps when I’m blootered, the blade Kegs hold about 15 pints 👌🏻
  2. Hahahahaha had about 3 holidays cancelled mate, thought rather than the mrs blow it all on carpets and wallpaper I’d treat masel
  3. Disgusting language @Sparkle sort this out eh? 👀
  4. U take a beer machine on holiday?, just go tae the pub ffs man
  5. I’ve just taken delivery of an 8litre keg of tiger for my beer blade, day off on Thursday, gonny get fukkin blitzed mate
  6. Started listening to talking sopranos podcast, not bad so far
  7. Shambles pal, same with me from P&O for my summer holiday, I was meant to be away in 4 weeks 😢
  8. Fingers crossed, I’m going stir crazy not getting away on holiday, 3 cancelled so far since covid, one in October better go ahead or am defo smashing fuk out my local Chinese takeaway for fukkin ruining my year
  9. Fingers crossed mate, I was meant to be in nyc in April, got my money for that back, never got my money for basketball tickets etc back yet, ticketmaster wankers
  10. Ffs man, I was in the middle of rebooking my cancelled nyc trip to Christmas, gutted mate
  11. Looks Looks no bad mate, they’ve got a decent selection online
  12. The beer hawk perfect drafts decent mate
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