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  1. Can't believe folk are worried about this mob, put them under pressure and they fall to pieces!!!
  2. Can't believe that suttons blaming Gordon??...janko smashed him!!!....still funny as fuck though!!!.....
  3. A quick goal in the 1st 15 mins off the 2nd half and its Defo on!!!....the tarriers will fold!!!.....
  4. This the boy looks good, but I suppose any cunt looks good against Lego muncher!!....
  5. Broonaldos getting the pish ripped out him!!!, how will Scotland cope with out him??!!!
  6. They're fucking shite m8, if this team score again b4 half time...the tarriers bottle will crash
  7. If this mob get one more b4 half time, the tarriers will crumble!!!
  8. That's what I thought bud....never mind 3-0 the shiva!!!!....?????
  9. Lego head was awesome at the corner!!!????.....Scotland will miss him!!!???
  10. C'mon!!!!....imagine if the pen went in??...the tarriers would be shitting themselves!!!!!!
  11. They've actually started no bad, shame they couldn't have got their act together last week!!!
  12. I actually forgot what an annoying wee prick Strachan is!!
  13. Half head just said the thumb would score goals in any league in the world!!!?????
  14. C'mon the beer-sheva!!!.....I'd pish ma pants if these get an early goal, it'll put the shiters up the tarriers!!!
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