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  1. From the minute I heard the first boo, it was never about football. Absolutely pathetic programming kids to boo. Aribo must be sickened, he grew up with Kamara
  2. How can uefa/fifa not throw the book at these horrible racist thugs. Fuck the result
  3. It's just as well Patterson is isolating. Father Jack wouldn't have picked him anyway
  4. The second goal, Scotland had 6 players in defence. Denmark had 3 ffs
  5. 3 Centre Backs, does father jack think it's Football Manager
  6. The lad Lowry is very lively looks decent and Alegria quick strong also looks decent
  7. Outstanding forward, great finisher RIP Gerd Muller
  8. Should be given loan time to see how he develops after his injury. Such a threat from corners, better than Simpson, better than present goldson who's dragging his heels, over a contract. This could possibly come back and bite us in the arse. We'll sell him for pennies and then he'll end up going for big money at his next club. Hopefully this is a bullshit story.
  9. The only problem there is that we hope they gel instantly. Chopping and changing people isn't working at the moment
  10. TRAMP, Your the one who's drunk and disorderly numb nuts
  11. It's no lie, he also said goldson and barasic fell out before the away tie with malmo
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