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  1. Nobody is bigger than the club and that icludes alcy broon the tarrier lover and YOU!!! Season ticket holder at the paedodome are we??
  2. The latest I heard it was Buckfast who are behind hind!! If true, give it a rest John FFS!!
  3. I am so sorry John for abusing you, so please continue to tarnish the name of our great and glorious club accross the mhedia spectrum, divide our support, undermine our current owners and lead bids for tarriers. Aye, so ah fuckin will. Now away an sook oan ah bottle ah buckie an wait fut the next tarrier tay throw yeh ah dime!!
  4. The fucking hangman needs to get a grip of him!!!
  5. From the latest media reports, it is being heralded that the SFL are under no obligation to grant us entry to any division. It also appears they are in no mood to do so either, after being dumped upon by the SPL and Rheagan. I wouldn't be surprised if they vote ''NO'' to entry to any of their divisions and put the ball firmly back in the SPL/Rheagan court. An interesting scenario to play out, but one that may see us back in the SPL yet. If this ''NO'' vote does come to pass, I can see strength in it for us to minimise any possible sanctions, as we would be more in the driving seat than our haters. Most of them are now dead men walking. I just hope and wish that Green can see this also and plays hard ball. Looks like brinkmanship will become the order of the day. Who blinks first! Not wishing to sound bitter, but I wish the plague befall on ALL the haters of our great club!
  6. Hate the cunt, but hope it's true. Certainly would add some steel in the midfield!!
  7. They can go fuck themselves! It is WE who have them over a barrel and the sooner Green realises this the better.Then again, I am hoping he already does and he gives them both fucking barrels!!
  8. I firmly believe that we are now in the driving seat. The SPL are running scared and the SFL really want nothing to do with the whole sorry mess. Surely Green must know this and give the SPL the ultimatum, no sanctions or we're off to Div 3!!! Then watch those fuckers bend over!!
  9. Alcy broon is leading a fans buy out? Really?? lol FFS!!! Rather ironic that he was also leading a buy out on behalf of the taigs!!! This alcy really needs to lay aff the sauce indeed!!
  10. Scared of what exactly??? Green owns the club. Does bomber have any cash, NOW? Thot not. He is playing like a taig for the taigs!!!!
  11. His haterd of all things not himself is equal to that of the taigs! Time he fucked off and joined them, the fat sorry barsteward!
  12. No need tpo jump on any bandwagon, but stop being divisive FFS! Not one of these so called Rangers minded consortiums have stepped up to the plate. Not one fucking penny! Mini, I haven't got a pot to piss in, Murray, was very quick in stating he wanted a fans buy in on a rights issue. Oh fuckin really?!! Very quick to use our money! As for alcy broon, he sold his soul to the taigues for his next bottle of buckie! Multi squillionaires McColl and Park, deafend by their silence. A pair of tight ersed subversive wanks. Rangers minded my feckin erse!! All have further damaged the name of our great club by their divisive subversive actions, so they can all GTF!! Green will get my undivided 100% support, until I find out otherwise and BTW, our new Chairman looks a goodun!!
  13. Their sect still rape children, in their tens of thousands. FACT!!! THEY worship paedophiles. FACT! THEY blamed the children. FACT! Joe Rhat is the most evil paedophile cunt on the planet. FACT!
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