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  1. The alternative to not buying in to Jabba is buying in to Jabba and all that entails. For this matter I'll rest on that note, you'll be delighted to hear.
  2. Absolutely, he said all the right things that needed to be said on Saturday.
  3. A terrific Goalkeeper and one we can be thankful has been there for us over the years, loves it here and is a quality guy too.
  4. But you will happily buy in to the ultimate apologist's article? Has anyone found that article with Traynor criticising Murray yet?...You'd think some were due after what we have been through. Traynor's fighting back for Murray - not you or I and certainly not Rangers. But don't dare doubt Jabba! - not what real 'Gers do eh?
  5. ...If this is a genuine question mate we may have more troubles than I reckoned for. I'm just worried about the future for our club. We are not out of the woods by a long stretch and Traynor has done us zero favours over the years. Murray is on the scene again, hence my concerns.
  6. With Green meeting Murray then this sorry tale from Jabba emerging I expect there will be fireworks in the next few days. With Murray involved again I have to say I'm more than nervous, got a real issue with that guy still being mentioned along with our Club, particularly meeting with the CEO - others can dress it up anyway they may wish and explain they had to meet etc, etc. yet it pains me. I'll retain my anxiety - its better than sleepwalking anyday of the week, done that for years and half the time it was Jabba and his rag dishing out the bullshit we happily fed on - with regard to Charles Green, I'll watch him like a fucking hawk - as I mentioned elsewhere its the fans who have done all the work so far, he has got it all to do still, he picked up the club for peanuts. I'd rather as fans we faced up to our troubles than look for imaginary skeletons in others' cupboards. There is a mammoth task ahead and its time to let Murray and his henchmen go, if there has been wrongdoing it is their responsibility, not ours - the crime, as supporters was not asking the tough questions and also buying in to Traynor and his ilk's Mirage created around Murray then Whyte afterwards. If you think buying in to Traynor's garbage will help our club in any way, you are dreaming.
  7. Its Jabba that scribed this article....why would anyone buy in to it - what does this article 'mean' anyway, what is he inferring? That there is a loophole? What can the SFA or SPL do if there is? Are image rights paid for ACTUALLY playing the game and if not how can they be 'dual' - that will cause a riot for the part-timers surely, maybe we will get promoted on a technicality? Why don't you explain to me what IS in the article, potential repercussions and for whom rather than me point out what isn't...there is nothing here to look at, hence the thread title - 'Traynor asks the question'... He just doesn't have the answer to go with it - if you find it 'strange' for me to question a man who has inflicted damage on our club for years then there is not much for us to discuss.
  8. Write what off? Innuendo from Jabba? If he can show me the directives and regulations that have been transgressed providing evidence rather than chat about 'Scalextric', I'll be happy to indulge - For me, the Image Rights debate will just be another disappointment in a seemingly endless list but indulge if you must, to me its desperate. Fact remains Murray near ruined us and I'll not be believing his lapdog's yarns - I'd struggle to look myself in the mirror. Rangers fans defending James Traynor? - you got it right about this piece in the first sentence when you called it rubbish - how any of us can take that publication seriously after the initial 'reporting' of Whyte's takeover bid and the never ending flow of Jackanory guff from Murray is beyond parody. Are we all now too afraid or embarrassed on here to admit the real enemies of the Club have been inside jobs? ...Well, this guy Traynor was their Minister of Propaganda for years.
  9. As always with Traynor the questions must be asked - why, why now and who is pulling the strings? Answers on a postcard please - addressed to Charlotte Square - Jabba will never be anything other than a minion of David Murray, his main role was to deceive the Rangers support over the years, and for that reason - I'm not buying in to this absolute shambles of an 'article'. If he had anything other than innuendo and personal opinion to go on we would know all about it - instead there is only vague ramblings of a man desperate to protect his master and a knighthood, that's the way I see it. Ask yourselves where Journalists like Traynor were when Murray was leading us in to the mess we are in now, if you can find a single article where he pans Murray I'll be amazed. This guy is done as a writer, that on-air fiasco with Chick Young finished off both of them and wiped any credibility some may have felt he had left.
  10. And on that note, I'm hitting the hay.. ..(Beats the McIlroy thread, in fairness)
  11. The need to keep asking questions was going to be necessary no matter who took over, clearly Murray and Kennedy's bids were hampered by association with imposters who would use the club to suit their own agenda - Throughout that period worries were raised, at least here on Rangers Media, and those worries had good foundation. I think we should still be asking questions, not blindly accept our lot and just live in hope we will be rewarded. For me that's why threads such as this one are not necessarily a waste of time. Its good to talk about the welfare of the club and its good to hear different views. In this instance as with most anything, only time will tell.
  12. To be fair its you talking the nonsense if you think Green was the only show in town, there were other bids made, and for more money. Big part of the reason I'm not in a rush to get on a Whyte-style bandwagon, I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt and that is as much as his actions have deserved thus far. He got a bargain when he bought Rangers mate, thats roughly all that I have figured out about Green - he is one smart cookie.
  13. I meant under him directly or via his actions, to be more specific the FANS have accomplished great things this season - I just hope their will be reciprocation. Sorry to leave that rather ambiguous statement open to interpretation.
  14. As I've said all along with Green, I'm biding my time. We have accomplished nothing as yet though some signs have been positive. He's got it all still to do as far as I'm concerned, and although Murray and Kennedy were toothless I would suggest they had only the best interests of the club at heart. Some of the rhetoric Green and Imran Ahmed came away with recently left me scratching my head, it just didn't ring true. I reckon after Murray and Whyte we should all be vigilant, they have left us hopelessly exposed.
  15. Just read that as 'Seal transfers at Ibrox'. Time for bed.
  16. Hopefully they can get any issues resolved, I think he could do a job.
  17. 'Mr' Green? Must we really start all this faux-Edwardian pish again? These guys are just human, just men, no better and often a lot worse a person than you or I.
  18. I think it is unlikely we will be cleared, hopefully the punishments won't involve loss of titles. I imagine nobody will go to jail though they probably should do, a knighthood may well be shed - its the alleged evidence that interests me, I'll make my mind up based on that, let's see what they produce - From everything I have been told its apparent that Murray has sold us, and the club down the river.
  19. pretty sure that'll be a mis-print 'lost in translation' as they say, though admittedly hilarious. Maybe we had better take it off RM just in case some nhosey folk get ideas?
  20. I'd rather this hadn't been raised at all, make a big deal of it if you wish but I'm out. Mark my words we will be the only losers here should this episode run further, if you are thin skinned then you sre vulnerable, let's not stoop to the level of others.
  21. After everything we have just been through and now have to endure, if people on here are still confused as to whether Murray sold us down the river or not, as a few comments appear to suggest - then our club is far from safe. What a joke. Fool me once...
  22. Who are the REAL enemies of this club and who are the fantasy villains? Never mind the 'positives', lets just remember that our real enemy came from within, best of intentions or not. If you think this is about the written Press or even take them in to consideration, then we have lost already, the sports media are on their fucking knees in this country and are done - redundant since Bosman and the weekly transfer scenarios they would concoct over a few beers in Tennent's to sell a few copies the following day.
  23. I'm as charged for this as I have been for a game in some time, and for footballing reasons.
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