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  1. You need the Canadian equivalent of an ESTA. It is called an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA). It doesn't take long to do on the web.
  2. Like the rest of us today I am gutted at the result. I like wee McKay and he will be a really good asset for the club eventually. He is still learning but he really needed to be hooked today at half time. We were in desperate need of the pace and directness that MOH would have brought to our attack. WTF does MOH need to do to get a game? I (unlike apparently a lot on here) really like Warburton but he seems to have a couple of huge blind spots when it comes to Barry and MOH. Hopefully Mr. Warburton will rectify this quickly. I also thought that Gilks was superb today, my MOTM.
  3. Trust the manager, he has picked winners so far. MOH will come good for us next year.
  4. No doubt at all, Fantastic save. Well done Wes!
  5. Talksport and Durham is a breath of fresh air. Living in the colonies I have been trying to keep up with news by listening to Radio Snide and suffering all the bitter crap and vitriol that is spouted on there (the BBC is worse). I am not looking for Rangers biased reporting but I do expect a balanced viewpoint and the truth to be reported. Well done Durham on both counts, you have a new listener.
  6. Good article - There is nothing in there that I could argue with. I suspect that Durham secretly believes that we could do a real number on the Mhanks if we play to the level that we are capable of.
  7. Great Video, thanks. Forester looks as if he will be another great signing by Mr. Warburton. How about a video of one of our less acknowledged heroes, Wes Foderingham?
  8. Thanks Jules, great video - keep them coming!
  9. Sorry guys, but I am with the majority of the bears on here. This new layout is a big step backwards, I really really don't like it. Please change it back but integrate the new functionality into old layout.
  10. Go into I Tunes and subscribe to the Sportsound and Radio Clyde SSB podcasts and then you can piss yourself laughing at the bheggars at your leisure.
  11. Glad and relieved that we are through today but the contrast between the two keepers was massive. Every time the ball went towards our goal and Bell I feared the worst and at the other end I thought that Clark was immense with some fine saves. We can't afford what we would typically have had for a goalkeeper in the past, like a McGregor, Goram or Klos (plus we threw away the opportunity to get Craig gordon). Does any body else think that Zander Clark at the age of 22 might be worth a punt?
  12. I think that he deserves the chance to show what he can do especially if he manages to get us through the play offs. We are starting to look more like a Rangers team again. Stuart did well at Motherwell with very limited resources (it will be the same for us for a few years) and he knows how to get the best out of what talent he has available to him. I believe that we will see steady progress between now and the end of the season.
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