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  1. When someone I think's a total dobber rants about hating something I think is cool
  2. I've always wondered why they don't just pair up some of the folk on the show
  3. Oh aye, the absolute pinnacles of great music...
  4. Lydia really is fucking amazing she is so fucking fit
  5. Why do they always say "who has a mild learning disability" when it's clearly not mild at all?
  6. Except that when she laughs she loses control of her body and falls into an unconscious heap
  7. Having a wee watch through the old ones - hard to beat the poet
  8. Depressing to think that the lassie's thought pattern at the time was probably "is this better than being alone?"
  9. They have that in common. Moobs also liked BBWs... Think this could be the new RM romance, Kilwinning Loyal's blown it by taking too long
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