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  1. So their parent club had to ship in fans as well as players
  2. Anyone know why this is on a Friday night if it isn't on TV?
  3. I'm more surprised that Hearts would loan us one of their first team regulars. Can't work out why. Also, I'm glad to have him but that position isn't one of the first I'd be filling
  4. Nice one! Didn't know you could do this. Shame it's not HD but the quality's not too bad. Might subscribe after this, the service seems pretty good.
  5. The thing I dislike about the Govan is that if it's sunny the sun shines right in your eyes
  6. So that's how you get those seats. I once bought what I thought was a front row seat in the CD only to get there and find 2 rows in front of me
  7. One of the RangersTV games a couple of weeks ago, the camera man must have been standing at the side of the pitch, couldn't see the game well at all
  8. Best is bang on the half way line at the front row of the main front, right behind the commentators. Worst was right behind a massive pillar. Can't believe they even have a seat there. Club deck can be a great view of the game cause of the height but with all the hand rails, a lot of the seats I've had up there have a bit of railing in the way of the view
  9. That's true - about 90% of my games are against one of those teams
  10. I did actually loyally stick with them for a few months when they were first degraded but it was brutal so I've been Chelsea or Real ever since
  11. Looks like it'll be another year of going a different team then
  12. I'm just glad they put is in as "Rest of the World". I wasn't sure we'd even be in it since joining the lower tiers since, as you say, they don't give a fuck about Scotland
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