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  1. An act of lunacy. I would not bother to appeal this. Let him sit on the sides for a while and learn a lesson.
  2. I watched a few guys with it post Gulf. The degeneration of the sufferers is absolutely horrendous. It hurts like hell to see anyone with it. The guy in the link was a guy I served with and was running around with us in the deserts of Iraq. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1382719/Gulf-war-syndrome-activist-dies-at-44.html No Surrender Fernando
  3. I agree with you but racism affects every single race (including Scottish straight white men). I don't have any issue with trying to encourage more fans in but why target people based on ethnicity, sexuality/religion or anything else? Why not just target human beings? SUrely targetting a specific race (or races/religions etc) is, in its very wording, racist/seist/etc/etc. Get the kids in regardless of who they are and encourage them. Not mant people, anywhere, can say they truely are oppressed.
  4. That's a bit naive mate - just because you have never experienced it does not mean it doesn not exist. And beside, it wasn't about being oppressed, was about racism in general and I would guarantee there are areas (still) in Scotland that the residents would be racist towards you. It's human nature to love/hate your neighbours.
  5. I see @Creampuffon line. Do the right thing mate.
  6. Go have a weeks holiday in South Africa. The locals won't discriminate in the slightest nor show you any racism. Can I suggest right into the middle of Soweto?
  7. Nice one @The Dude Keep them coming (I didnt click it though, just read SIMA/SEMA's post but I can send you two bob if it helps)
  8. 450km from Windhoek but a nice drive. Walvis Bay airport is 100km from me. All Bears are welcome here. I have beds and beeer and fishing and illegal streams 🙂
  9. "pop" up for a visit for the next game?
  10. It seems to be they make more 'mistakes" against us than other teams. so it is my opinion that the refs in Scotland are shite and that they do show more bias against us than other teams. It also appears that punishments are heavier towards us than other teams. Is that fair?
  11. The keeper clutching at his face does not help the situation and makes the ref more inclined (do they need more of a reason??) to issue a straight red. On appeal, I think it would be reduced to a yellow. He was obligated to go for the ball and risk the yellow/red card. If the keeper had not got the ball under control, it's a goal so quite entitled to go in but with the risk that he could receive the yellow. The way he "celebrated", I think he knew he was going to be in trouble though.
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