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  1. Happy Birthday Ma'am, not the finest of weeks in your life, but we are all supporting you as you have supported us in the past.
  2. As I see it, this silly concept is tantamount to bringing the game into disrepute', so if the EPL had any balls they should charge the six with such and deduct them a minimum 15 points. That would ensure most of them won't be in the CL next year, costing them millions.
  3. You've got some talent mate, that looks fantastic.
  4. Not only has SG put Kennedy back into his box, but put the SFA into a corner re dubaigate plus their inconsistencies. Should the sfa uphold their suspensions and/or take issue with SG's remarks, I think this will roll on and make them look very foolish.
  5. Andy Goram and Shagger have made many outstanding saves for Rangers, so many that we could debate the saves for weeks, probably months. Some will go for one, some for the other, that is how very good they were and how lucky we were to have two of best.
  6. If he's as good as the book, I'll just call him Don.
  7. Really looking forward to what James Bisgrove has in store, great appointment as he could sell ice to an Eskimo. Rangers Class always outshines everyone, anyone.
  8. Wonderful player, sorely missed.
  9. Sounds a bit fearful of the repercussions to come their way. They knew what happened, they know their player was a cunt and they also know they there will be a punishment. Still playing the victim though. I only hope to fuck that Uefa deal with this in all seriousness, otherwise I can't see it going away.
  10. Interesting point from Emma there,. Alfie looking for his 55th goal.
  11. Leave Emma be, you. Nice hair or no nice hair,I'd love to spit out her pubes ........... Again 🤣
  12. Not being in either of those 2 players shoes, I would stand by their actions tomorrow, so yes, I do agree with you. On your second point, there are solutions, only the powers that be refuse to use them. Next week we will find out how long a suspension some of our players will get for 'bringing the game into disrepute'. That same rule could and should be applied in this instance, for want of a better rule.
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