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  1. Im sure he will do a job, not sure at what cost though as some of the rumours about his remuneration package are worrying. Not sure where this leaves Daly now, hopefully looking at the way out. Would think he will be amongst the top scorers in the country this season.
  2. Rest in peace Derek. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
  3. I certainly hope it doesnt pan out like this season. By all means get the business done and dusted as early as we can. Then lets try something different and inovative like playing some of the fringe players or even playing players in their prefered positions. Giving some of the youth players a chance as well.
  4. I love how they are trying to say we cost them money, when they should be saying we made them money! Without us they are royally fucked and they know it.
  5. A true legend in every sense, a fine man and a bluenose through and throug. A real sad time indeed, my thoughts are with his family. Rest in peace
  6. McCoist is only still here because of the turmoil in the board room, CG would have shown him the door by now. If we get stability and a leader in the boardroom then we have a chance of management change, the directors are too busy fighting their own battles to sort this out. And no I dont think King is the answer either
  7. Was gutted last weekend, today was easier to take as we showed a bit of a fight still remains. Dont think our play will change untill a new manager is in place. Cant believe I am saying this as I defended Ally to the hilt but last week was the straw, I am afraid. Goat you have my vote
  8. I hope his next shite is a hedghog as well, could happen to a nicer guy!
  9. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ricksen, i hope you both enjoy a long and happy marriage
  10. I was listening to the radio whilst watching the tv and he was the focus of the commentary team. This i thought was down to there being little else for them to talk about and that they are pish at commentary. Black can be a good player, but only when others around him are performing. Tbh the whole team were pish so I couldnt defend anyone
  11. Could never hope for us to get beat, however I do fear that we will get pumped. Worse than that I fear it will change nothing!
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