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  1. BBC news site says at least one person has died although sadly i think that will change significantly.
  2. Awful news i hope no bears have been hurt and that by some miracle everybody who was caught in it, pull though.
  3. Serious point it looks like RM's getting hit by spam accounts with all those gibberish names, credit to the admin team for having to deal with all the crazy's who dont get in, and the few who do
  4. Are you for real? Green met with SPL told them what sanctions we would accept (none should of been what he said) the SPL rejected that, Green got slaghtered on here by some for offering any leeway. Now we got the vote we wanted and your slaughtering Green anyway?
  5. Got to go to bastard dentist now still at least i got something to smile about now
  6. BBC/SKY having a Terry love in right now. Fuck em im far more concerned with what evil plans Rhegan/Dhoncaster have up their sleeves for us now.
  7. I know and i understand living in England myself that Scottish football is a joke down here but surely us in SFL3 is bigger than Terry not being a racist (or so they say)
  8. Fucking annoying, i dont care about terry but he has to upstage everyone, just like the CL final.
  9. Rangers FC or The Rangers FC is what we have always been called and always will be called.
  10. Cheers mate, we must be the happyest supporters to get relegated ever!
  11. I dont think its a disaster for us, but its not going to be a cakewalk like some do. Hard but in the long term we will benifit.
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