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  1. RFC55 liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in **** Falkirk vs Rangers (Fri KO 7:45pm) ****   
    Its not Jigs fault Ally will never drop him but by default his reputation with supporters will suffer as the sight of his name on every team sheet in whatever position needs filled is becoming a potent symbol of everything thats wrong with Ally McCoist Rangers team.
  2. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by gogzy in Ally McCoist - all chat in here   
    The opinions of a rabid taig are worthless.
  3. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by Beaujolais in Ally McCoist - all chat in here   
    Ally McCoist should be judged on the present as a Manager and not on the past.
    As a Manager he has benefited through both the shares he was effectively given and the remuneration package he accepted that was out of all kilter with where the Club was sitting financially and league wise at the time. This would perhaps be palatable (just) if he had shown he was capable of delivering. But he has failed to do that. Yes he took a pay cut (with caveats) but even that pay cut as drastic as it was still represents a level of payment that is worlds away from where we are.
    Football wise his management has been turgid. Yes he gained the promotions. But what should have been spectacular was brutal. Achieved through Big Spending against teams that his personal salary would likely enough have covered their wage bill. The Ramsdens Cup performance was a disgrace.
    He has the Club over a barrel. Simply as things stand it is very difficult for the Club to get rid of him and the rest of his assistants in our current financial situation. The Club is looking for a fresh cash injection. They would probably need a similar cash injection to fund paying off McCoist. Which brings us to Green. McCoist should be grateful to Green for effectively giving him the initial package that has placed him in such an impregnable position. Now the Club needs money Green is back (apparently in the picture) and our poor footballing performance is once again according to Ally- Greens fault.
    FFS both these guys have profited hugely out of Rangers- they are the ultimate profiteering tag team. I agree with Ally on one thing- I too am sick of the side show. The performance on the side of the pitch is pathetic. Trying to blame yesterday's defeat on Green and bringing Sandy Jardines name into that argument was a leap of crassness far to far.
    Is Ally McCoist going to be remembered as the man who bled Rangers dry. I sincerely hope not- because already I am beginning to have difficulties reconciling the great memories I have of McCoist the player with the man I see on the sidelines.
  4. HG5 liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in Ally McCoist - all chat in here   
    Im getting to that point now, I think theres a big change in Ally between what we knew of him as a player and assistant and Ally today, hes changed and not for the better, forget clueless football for a minute he no longer treats the fans with respect from outrageous claims we had no other strikers but a crippled Daly to the karaoke cup final to blaming Green X2 the Ally of 2012 and 2014 are light years apart. He either has lost his heart and now goes through the motions or the bunker mentality now means we are treated like any two bit journo and fed bullshit to keep us from asking difficult questions.
  5. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by Guardian in Ally McCoist - all chat in here   
    Dear Ally
    First of all I would like, on my behalf and I'm sure 99% of Rangers fans, to thank you for your unstinting leadership during and following our admin crisis.
    You have been the rock around which the fans have rallied to ensure survival of the club.
    The happy ending to this great adventure would have seen you manage the team successfully back into the SPFL and the Champions League and eventually back to our rightful position.
    However, this isn't Hollywood and we don't always get the happy ending we so desperately want.
    God knows you had huge problems on and off the field, and nobody doubts your commitment or effort, but over the course of your tenure, your managerial credibility haslost more support with every match.
    It has become clear that management is not for you and you should pursue other career opportunities. We know you aren't a quitter and it will hurt to accept this, but it is time to step aside for the good of the club.
    Your first instinct will be to keep going, but for the sake of the team and the fantastic esteem you are held in by fans, you must do the right thing.
    In continuing you are only tarnishing the great legacy left by your playing career.
    As a player and manager you must have seen the heartbreak when a young player is told he isn't good enough to make it, however hard he tries. You are now in a similar position.
    I'm well aware you will probably never read this, but I'm pretty sure it now reflects the thoughts of almost every fan.
    You can leave with your head held high, with the fans best wishes, and you will always be a Rangers Legend.
  6. rbr liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in Ally McCoist - all chat in here   
    The break up as you call it will have supporters celebrating, Ally is making people hate him with his cowardly and gutless excuses that match or surpass the gutless and cowardly football on show. If he just took responsibility once instead of blaming everybody but himself we might at least say he is acting like a Ranger but right now the Ally of WDDWA and the Ally of today are light years apart.
  7. bluie127 liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in Ally McCoist - all chat in here   
    Ally is an incompetent idiot who cannot accept his own failings and seeks to blame, insinuate or just delfect any attention from himself to whoever is a convenient target. The man has lost what respect I had for him and is either unaware or no longer cares that supporters who idolised him for years now cannot stand the sight of him
  8. eejay the dj liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in Ally McCoist - all chat in here   
    I wouldn't say they are trying to take the heat off him more that they know Ally cant resist a dig at Green and an attempt to insinuate this is somehow to blame, more troublemaking by the rheble and Ally gives them exactly what they wanted.
  9. bornabear liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in **** Rangers vs Hearts (Sun 1:30 KO) ****   
    Well up for this one my team would be
    Bell, Foster, McGregor,Zal, Wallace, Templeton, Macleod, Law, Aird, Boyd, Miller 4-4-2 no fucking about with formations or player positions just a good attacking play
  10. FrancisBacon liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in ***Rangers v Hibernian***   
    Any coughs?
  11. dalton liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in ***Rangers v Hibernian***   
    Bell, McAusland, Zal, McGregor,Wallace, Macleod, Law, McKay, Boyd, Miller, Clark 4-3-3 never happen but that's my team.
  12. ThenNowForever liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in New Kit 2014/15   
    Very classy
  13. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by govanblue in *** RM Sponsors' Fund - NEW SEASON - JOIN NOW! ***   
    Dear fellow Bears,
    It’s time!
    The RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund Season 2014/2015 Annual Membership Renewal / New Membership Drive has now launched.
    If you know what that means, and you’ve just been waiting patiently to sign up, then you can ignore all the guff below, click this RM Paypal Donate link, and donate your £10
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    RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund is now entering its third season, and in order for it to be as successful as the last two seasons, we need you to join.
    If you’re not sure what the Sponsors’ Fund is then hopefully this link will tell you what the fund was this time last year...
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    And then last season’s accounts will tell you what we got up to last season…
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  14. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by thebluedoo in Official: Boyd signs one year deal   
    I thought after Wallace was out injured Smith justified his position, also found a deadball taker, an added bonus, whether people like it or not Ally had to try and find a decent standard of cover for all his main players positions.
    Smith and Foster while not exactly top drawer are at least experianced, I had hoped Boyd would be signed, but don't think it is a total disaster if he goes somewhere else

  15. gmcf liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in Official: Boyd signs one year deal   
    Oor Wullie dislikes this post
  16. pcbear liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in Official: Boyd signs one year deal   
    Oor Wullie dislikes this post
  17. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by EatDolphins in Official: Boyd signs one year deal   
    Should have been Boyd and not Miller in the first place.
  18. dougie76 liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United   
    Agree with every word mate
  19. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by Young Bob in Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United   
    If McCoist applied that it would be fine but he doesn't. Our first team are guaranteed a start no matter how badly they perform. To me this is the reason youngsters like Urquhart and Telfer are now deciding to leave as they know the manager will stick with his favourites.
  20. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by Adoniram in Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United   
    Been preaching this for years. The majority of fans who watch us are clueless as to the finer details of football. The majority also want 100mph blood and thunder and demand we win every game including friendlies. So yes the pressure on our managers to win every game was as a direct result of the demands of the support. That argument was relevant when we were in the top flight but not when we were demoted.
    Had McCoist (or any manager for that matter) come out right at the start and explained his "project" was going to involve youth and a few poor results, i expect the majority would have went with him.
    Yes there would have been poor performances and moans and groans from fans whose opinions are worthless. In time though if the lads were given the support and backing from the fans and the management i am convinced they would have got us to where we are now. And without spending millions either.
    This would have been the season to up the ante in terms of quality of player and judge who had it to make it through this league and cope in the SPFL. Some would have fallen away by now (Perry being the prime example). He only needed 4 or 5 games to prove he was not good enough. Similarly when someone like McLeod comes in you can see in 4 or 5 games he is something special and worth putting in the effort for.
    The opportunity is gone and will never return (I hope) as that would mean going back in to admin.
    So now it's back to boom and bust as the support rack up the pressure. This in turn forces the manager (wrongly) to look at players like Miller in the belief that he is better than Clark or Gallagher.
    I fully expect next season to be identical to this season. Bright start then fading away to mediocrity as the same players are forced to play the same god awful style of route one football.
  21. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by dougie76 in Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United   
    It does my fucking head in that we have some off the best young talent in Scotland that would love nothing better than play for the club they love but time after time we show a complete lack off faith and trust in them when it comes to the first team, no wonder they all go elsewhere.
    What is the point in getting these young guys in at the age off nine train them for another nine years then letting them go just as they should be getting their chance in the first team?
    Yes l know lots can't/won't make the step up but the amout off good young players we let go only to sign overpriced has beens is fucking criminal.
  22. linnyplant liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United   
    My brief flirtation with optimism died the day ED was banned Bring back ED!
  23. WadeWilson liked a post in a topic by elephants stoned in Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United   
    Ok everybody don your snorkels and get the manga porn ready we are having a party
  24. elephants stoned liked a post in a topic by A.T.G in Sandy Easdale statement   
    Told you before ya wee arrogant fuck
    Fuck off
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