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  1. there is no If. roll over to have the tummy tickled.
  2. Will make a change from being on a cassocked cock.
  3. Perhaps he wants to go because the pressure is too much to deal with.
  4. £16.90 and some Tesco club card points
  5. Describe it how you will but anyone with skill will be booted all over the park and get no protection from refs. Sad but this league permits thuggery
  6. Your posts usually are. But try not to be self critical, you'll be happier for it. Enjoy the day.😏
  7. And still you respond? I'm having a good day, but you would realise that if you weren't so obsessed. Chin chin 🤭
  8. It seems to bother you greatly it's just an alternative perspective of the result no matter how joyous. Shouldn't you be reveling in this victory given its significance rather than being upset at my apparent sarcasm? Or is it the posts seem to reflect the sort you usually make.🤫
  9. You appear wounded by the truth.
  10. We are carrying a full back a central defender a midfielder now a forward who's head isn't in the game. Play him from the bench if we must.
  11. He needs dropped for his own good. If there is an issue with the manager playing him doesn't resolve that.however if the issue is with his head give him a week or so off, itll pay dividends in the long run as he's contributing little now.
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