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  1. Had the pleasure of meeting him a few years ago while working at the open golf,he was doing his Marshall came to see me every morning to talk about Rangers introduced me to his wife n family then as the golf was finishing he asked for my address to send me some of his old pictures fro his playing days. Absolute Gentleman n a true Rangers great. R.I.P Mr Hubbard
  2. Spoke with Murphy's cousin n she says that deal is done, i explained to her about the stuff online saying the deal hit a snag n she assures me through Murphy's Old man that the deal is done make what you want of this.
  3. What is it with they Scummy Cunts planting banners about the town about making the champions league ffs
  4. my nephew (Chris Craig ) was part of it after leaving Rangers he played for a few teams now he plays amateur with Colville, Still a great player
  5. Remember the wee guy going up n down the old football specials (Train) selling his gear too great days lol i loved travelling on the train up to Sheep land
  6. Brilliant when the only complaint we have is it should have been more! Beerman looks a real talent.
  7. He did but he said it didn't bother him and it was just "one of those things"
  8. Didn't think he was that bad today IMO thought he was our best chance of creating something in the game today
  9. Seen that in the Govan n says to my brother i always thought Ruchazie was a tim area too lol cracking flag
  10. When we traveled to Bremen a few years ago 08 it was cheaper to buy our rail tickets as a group rather than individually, so that's maybe worth looking into.
  11. Rip Ryan n Condolences to family n friends. Speedy recovery to other bears injured in this tragedy. Drumchapel Loyal Rsc
  12. Can sort you if you still need them
  13. Notice Williamhill have priced us at 4/6 for this game i thought we'd be about even money, i was hoping to lump on
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