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  1. All over bus stops from Anniesland to Milngavie! Lol!
  2. Our tune read out over Nino Rota's Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet
  3. Let us back in for the last game to witness 55!
  4. Why when St J had that free kick did they bring 3 Centre half’s up and out op osition.. would have been better taking it short and taking it into corner!
  5. Brenda has had his eye on him ever since he went to Leicester. I have had a few mates from there asking what he is like as his name has been branded about for a while now
  6. The shortest Lent ever!......Never before has Good Friday been so close to Ash Wednesday!
  7. Not to mention this hideous Fucker from years ago, that The Mhanks complained about because there was Orange writing
  8. Still no sign of mine and post has been
  9. I have a mate who works in Bar72 and he has been drafted in to the Ticket Office to Help get all the Cards out as soon as possible. He has said that everyone should have their cards within the next few days. I have not received mine but not gonna panic.
  10. 2008 ------ When we took over The Etihad For Europa Final !
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