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  1. What does” MLF stand for in the email?
  2. All over bus stops from Anniesland to Milngavie! Lol!
  3. Our tune read out over Nino Rota's Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet
  4. Let us back in for the last game to witness 55!
  5. I remember about 5 years ago ( poss more) a young 13 year old Rangers fan had a horrifying accident when his hand was damaged by a firework. After witnessing some youths messing about tonight with fireworks reminded me of him. Here’s hoping all are safe tonight but unfortunately I doubt the A&E departments will be quiet. does anyone have info on the Rangers fan and how he is coping?
  6. Another with Mexican commentry https://streamable.com/exh4ke
  7. Why when St J had that free kick did they bring 3 Centre half’s up and out op osition.. would have been better taking it short and taking it into corner!
  8. I am in Kos and the bar had the Poznan game on one of the TVs last night they were no great shakes and should have been put out actually.. keeper had some good saved including a penalty, though in fairness he got away with coming off his line!
  9. Here’s hoping the taigs get through all the way to the final..........THEN Alfie can score the winner for US!!
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