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  1. Agree, we were so shit. Not even a good team full of legends that will never be forgotten.
  2. Peter will decide. Oh wait....
  3. The wider society will eventually accept the historic achievement of 20/21 55, they are going through a period of anger, 15 😄was in the bag. Looking back, our play was so sexy, then we hit the random computer generated fixtures 😉 in December and January. We where in the trenches and fought like soldiers as a unit as one. The squad of 55 will forever be legends in my eyes. Let the rest fight amongst themselves, we welcome the chase. QJ
  4. I will be spending it with friends and family. We hired a field from a farmer and we will celebrate this once in a lifetime event together. Before the game we will remember the bears that sadly never made it to 55, after the game we will have a party like no other. Our pre party will include projecting this video to a screen in a big tent. We are the people, we are The Rangers.
  5. Who ever appears, he will shit himself. Pickey's will be going mental regardless. That's what the do
  6. They are a cluster fuck, if we improve they are gubbed. However came across this one. Visuals are good, guy 95% accurate. @tannerall You were born in the mid 1800's can you fact check please 😁
  7. If he joins a deviant club and finds out even Nuremberg Shug surrendered, he will shit his pants. He still has time to do a Nacho and join our journey. As a coach/scout. We welcome the chase.
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