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  1. I dread to think what Alfie would have done as a response to that assault. Conversely, if el Buffalo did that to the wage thief Brown. Utter disgrace that day.
  2. SG and Rangers are the biggest show in town. Keep your powder dry as the saying goes. Tonight he lit it up, just like the fireworks at 18.55. Now is the time to call them out. Masterclass.
  3. Sextuple is on. League, Scottish and Europa still on. Lawwell, Lennon and Sturgeon taken out. 55 will be one of the best years ever.
  4. Said the same a month ago, had a bit of the fear. All gone now. Enjoy the moment.
  5. No, enjoying life. Want us to celebrate 55.
  6. It's not won yet, this is the build up to the biggest party ever. If you dont see / hear fireworks when we win it, you might have to relocate.
  7. Absolutely, appreciation should also go to the young team that started another anthem.
  8. So many heroes this year.
  9. Hopefully some guests are scunnered
  10. Celebration thread, it has been a long time coming.
  11. I'm fucked now. Organising a covid party as I speak. May as well get hung as sheep as for a lamb
  12. Soz Tam, you mental journalist
  13. I thought you were a cunt, but after reading some of your articles, you became like my hair. The more it grows, the more I respect your journalistic talent. When my hair is cut, it's back to square one. Dugs are barking at my pretentious caravan.
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