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  1. Big Iwelumo didn't let him away with it tbf to him. Said of course a manager and club will defend their player and maybe the card would've been out quicker if it was morelos
  2. I managed to get mines refunded in store with no fuss. On closer inspection, it was stitched wrong at the collar, so it was classed as faulty. Just had to show the email with the order details. Once the money comes through I'll go for the away top until they sort out whatever is going on with the home kit.
  3. I thought wed seen that last of that cunt
  4. I haven't heard from Castore since I emailed last night. Worth taking to the store or give them more time?
  5. If its faulty, ie the stitching is fucked, then it shouldn't need a receipt or tags i think
  6. Anyone got a response from that concierge email? I haven't even received an auto-receipt one. Nothing in my junk folder.
  7. They'll be forced to spend now. The hordes will be out calling for heads
  8. I might need to watch the rest of the Leeds Take Us Home documentary on Prime now. See the man in action.
  9. Id say it more so to do with them being restricted to times and schedules rather than the club telling them what to print.
  10. Charlie Adam “I’d get rid of him,” Adam told BBC Radio 5 Live Sport. “If the money came for him, I’d get rid of him now. I think anything between £8 to £12 million you’ve got to take it. You’re not going to get £15 million, you’re not going to get £20 million so anything between £8 and £12 million you’ve got to take and move on. “He is their best player but you have got to remember the market they are in at the moment. Or you just bite the bullet and go with it again. “He scores goals, but it’s the other side of the game you’ve got to worry about.”
  11. Worst cunt. If I was missing a live game, id want a score update. Feed his kids ffs
  12. Jeff Daniels is an absolute bastard. Hes fantastic 😂 Haunting of Hill House is pretty good as far as I remember mate 👍
  13. 3 episodes into Godless. Its a limited series. Its a western and its been pretty good. Its been out for a couple of years. Jeff Daniels and Jack O'connell
  14. I enjoyed it. The 3rd edition has an new epilogue from 1996. Talks about the future of the region, particularly Macedonia, and the peace negotiations. It was a period I knew very little about, so would definitely recommend it.
  15. Sutton and co to call Hearts selfish any minute now
  16. Where are you seeing this mate? I can't find anything about the cup.
  17. Sharpes Triumph. 2nd book in the series. Great read. Got the Fall of Yugoslavia next up
  18. They were always getting the title. The support we garnered was mostly for unfair relegations. Our best outcome is to oust the cunts at the SPFL and hopefully uncover some scandal. They were given this title, it was never won. Doesn't matter what they say.
  19. Didn't Motherwell say something similar? They'd want an investigation, but only once this shite is all over. They really have clubs by the balls financially don't they.
  20. So the SPFL 4 were us, Aberdeen, Livi and Hearts? The taigs voted No. Theres a shocker. Those other clubs dont deserve our fans.
  21. Folk abstaining treating our game with utter contempt. Worse than the no votes. This was expected and our board will have expected. Stage 2 commence.
  22. Just imagine all the chairman on their tables after uncles Peters speech. O Captain! My Captain!
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