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  1. Battle of Britain would be good if fans were allowed in and pubs open
  2. That could be the case. The guy taking over from Lawwell doesn't start until 1 July and he then needs to get a DoF in place before he looks at a new manager. What we have been doing good the last couple of years is getting new players in early and enbedding them into the club and team. How do that mob entice players when they have no clue who they will be playing under, if that person even likes them and that fact they could be out of the CL qualifiers? Clubs will want their new managers in early so they can get their pre season done so it may simply come down to who is free whdn they finally
  3. Talking of Declans, it was good to hear Declan Rice asking McCoist how good does it feel to be winning 55 titles
  4. Couldn't agree more. States clearly that it is all legal. Amazing how they managed to get it to us but that lot always mange it. He compares how sharp McGregor (keepers get better with age as most sane person will know) and Defoe (every teammate of his from the past 20 years can't big the guy up more for his professionalism in training and looking after himself) to that of how shit Scott Brown has been this season. He has never been anything but a shit footballer who simply runs around thinking he is the hard man. It then questions how Gerrard can make Goldson play so well compaired to previou
  5. Ntcham positive but Edouard shares a flat with him
  6. Was Graham Alexander not there also yesterday?
  7. never asked you too, simply answered a question which you asked.
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