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  1. i'm not overly familiar with their strips but have c*ltic not had a few black strips?
  2. Where was his "just to be clear/ sadly mistaken and deluded" comment about "two volunteers of a football clubs fans podcast" representing the majority of the clubs supporters? No mention of the other football club podcast worker who has been removed from the podcast and her role on Sky Sports. He is entitled to his opinion (like everyone else) but if he is going to offer it, then he has to back it up with some sort of defence. Giving an opinion without backing it up just shows that person to be deluded.
  3. a national newspaper who calls itself "Scotlands champion"!
  4. she completely ignores the question asked about her "being as forgiving if it was an opponent of hers"!!
  5. looking forward to his follow up due in 2030.
  6. will the follow up story be of them looking into child sex abuse claims over the past several decades?
  7. no 1st and 2nd choice keeper or RB today. Well done Rangers
  8. be great if the gaffer played on it and left a few big names at home for Sunday.
  9. two great saves by Gordon
  10. Goal of the season with the way that clown Walker is going on about it!
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