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  1. Small bit of justice for Kamara at least which is more than most of us expected from UEFA. Anyone know when UEFA will publish their findings including any evidence they have? Interesting to see what statement Slavia put out now...
  2. We're meant to believe that Kamara of all people assaulted their captain because said captain hurled some minor 'you fucking [whatever guy is meant to be]'/Kamara was disgruntled due to the loss? Aye, very good. Pretty damn clear what happened to provoke Kamara.
  3. Their player gets carded for hacking down Kent when we have a dangerous attack on the go and you can just tell the ref's eager to 'even' things up. Cue Kamara getting booked for nothing. Utter joke.
  4. Just won't be the same winning it at their dump when no one's allowed in. Wrap up the season asap to highlight the sheer gap between us and then focus on the EL where our real competition lies.
  5. I've said it before - Shane Duffy was a Premier League CB. It's an entertaining league to watch, but the English have always overrated its quality save that period a number of years back where the last 4 of the CL was dominated by their sides.
  6. Yet another important penalty won for us by Morelos. It's not something that will show up in stats (where the focus is goals and assists), but he can terrify even quality defences. What a game!
  7. I'd certainly hope not. I can understand the players taking a random league game lightly, but with the league firmly in the bag this is the biggest game of our season and Antwerp have already shown that they can score against us. Sure the players are looking forward to this as much as we are so not worried about complacency. Just comes down to execution.
  8. Only just seen their score. They're in total freefall. Wonderful!
  9. Back in the team just in time to seal 55. Superb. Even better if we clinch at their dump with Tav just back.
  10. Had one issue today late on, but a quick refresh sorted it and it was likely on my end anyway. Couple years ago it was unreliable, but the club's done well this season - especially with the surge in demand they'll be handling due to COVID.
  11. A game of football played between two quality sides - both with the intent to score goals and win games. Fantastic game and capped off with a win for the Famous.
  12. The BBC are allowed to cover us - it's McLaughlin who we banned. BBC want to stand behind their man so boycott it is. It's really McLaughlin's second ban and I don't see the need for the club to back down on him just to appease the BBC. 55 will still receive national coverage, but it's important for the club to show a little bit of backbone when it comes to reporters up here.
  13. Aye, that's the current deal we have with but we were meant to be looking to sign him up on a permanent deal initially before it fell through. Then we agreed a loan deal near the end of the transfer window. At least that's my understanding of it.
  14. Once again, it looks like we really dodged a bullet with Zungu. Could well have been lumped with him long term.
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