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  1. Man's loving life. Getting paid to watch us march to 55 and wide up the opposition. Walker looking utterly miserable.
  2. There's your January collapse!!
  3. It's a bitch, but a bloody slow one! Last nine years have been grim with the occasional genuine high (cup semi win over them under Warburton being the most emotionally-charged of the lot) and then this season comes along. I was expecting 55 to be some heroic fight to the end of the season, but in reality we've been stellar and they've completely imploded.
  4. Jamie O'Hara. Same prat who claimed SG should take the Bournemouth job as it's the bigger job. This was after they had been relegated from the PL so would have meant SG taking over a Championship club that's likely to sell any valuable players in order to cut back and wages and prepare for the likelihood of years in the Championship. Had SG taken O'Hara's advice he'd had missed out on another strong European season in which Gerrard guided us to first in a group containing Liege and Benfica (could have had us sweep the entire group but for the two collapses against Benfica) and who knows w
  5. Whenever any of the English start up with the "Scottish football is League One" chat, remind them that Shane Duffy was a Premier League CB.
  6. It's mental. Just had a look at his record as a manager. He started out at them and enjoyed success in the one horse league they'd created for themselves whilst we were working our way up the divisions. Then he goes to Bolton and wins about 1 in 4 games (and that's rounding up!), then to hibs where I just remember him being the usual hate-filled bigot that's only ever a few moments away from blowing up on his own players and then back to them where he's gifted a league title in every sense. Would work against the likes of Murty and Caixinha, but as soon as we got a quality management team
  7. Seems like their trip to Dubai was a sound investment. Already bounced back from their loss against us and picked up a hard fought point. Absolute karma for taking the utter piss!
  8. Aye, but what will their second "proper" vote be?
  9. That's amazing In all seriousness, get it right up them for having a wee training camp in the middle of a pandemic.
  10. Absolute worst kind of game; Bears keeping the Saints in check for two and a bit quarters, but you never believed they had the offense to actually win nor could they keep it up for four quarters.
  11. I don't doubt for a second that they were. "Enjoy your holidays Neil and bring us back something nice!".
  12. Great to see him back amongst the goals, but that's two games in a row where his threat's been so great that he's reduced the opposition to 10 men.
  13. Huge win! Morelos starting to get back on the scoresheet. That'll do nicely.
  14. Grim times. Not a chance in hell we'd be on the brink of 55 and enjoying European runs with him at the helm. To McInnes' lack of bottle!
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