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  1. On the whole, very poor with several that should never have found themselves in a Rangers shirt, but ultimately signed a number who were absolutely crucial to winning 55.
  2. If Morelos takes his chances then we bury Hearts and everyone's happy regardless of an error from McGregor. We've 90 minutes at home to show we're better and it should never come down to a late error from our keeper.
  3. Seems SG wants to grind out wins in a manner similar to last season, but we don't have the defensive strength for that currently. Last season we were denying teams shots on target let alone goals. This season we seem there for the taking vs anyone who fancies their chances. Not helped at the other end either. Morelos has never been our most clinical striker, but today was horrendous. Unbelievably mercurial player and sadly one we're still reliant on - if he struggles, we struggle.
  4. Mike Ashley's magical ability to unite a fan base behind a murderous regime.
  5. At least SG is a famous name, but Howe seems wild even if he did perform well with Bournemouth. Conte's the marque name amongst the early favourites.
  6. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11788/12426806/uefa-opens-investigation-into-Rangers-defeat-at-sparta-prague-after-glen-kamara-booed
  7. If you zoom in on the crest on Aribo's jersey, you'll understand why there's so much uproar. Horrendous tackle before you even consider intent. Easy red. State of punditry in this country.
  8. 3 points and a red card for them to rage about for two weeks? That'll do, Rangers. That'll do.
  9. Back to back games against our real competition for the title this year. Get it done Rangers.
  10. Playing the victim card might work a wee bit better if you weren't already serving a stadium ban for racially abusing rival players as well as having been fined by your own FA for two other racist incidents prior to that. And we've only just hit October. But then racists are never the brightest.
  11. Horrendous wee club. Hope we stuff them at Ibrox, but we're long past the point where this group of players need to wake up and perform.
  12. Aye, I thought it was something similar to US sports where they rank teams based on their record but adjusted for the difficulty of the teams they've played. But this one is supposedly calculated based on the chances teams have created/conceded. Obviously it's being used by their fans to say that they've been unlucky and once they start taking chances they're winning the league...with Hibs in second. Pretty cruel to give them hope like that.
  13. Enjoying this Angeball.
  14. Three points, but turgid play. Saying that far too often. Team really needs to turn the corner. Should never be this hard against a side bottom of the league.
  15. Do you stand by your objectively false statements regarding manufacturers' claims re transmission? You can stand by your claims re transmission, but once again the data isn't on your side. You're right, we don't know how many have natural immunity. Now take that point one step further and see if you can identify the issues that creates. And that's before we consider future variants. As for natural immunity offering 'far superior resistance' against COVID, I'm assuming you've pulled this from the two pre-prints spreading through the anti-vax community. Think that says it all. First they came for the football and I said nothing...etc.
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