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  1. Can i get 1 of these too please GB so I can complete my collection
  2. I've got an adult and 2 kids tickets for you gb for hibs as I'm working and can't make the game how do I go about donating them to you
  3. No way should it be split 50/50 they cunts are lucky if they get 6k-8k even for their "big" games
  4. Put me down for 1 please gb I'll add it to my collection
  5. Hi GB if you still have these available can I get 1 of each if possible?
  6. i'll take 2 again please nacho.Me and the wee man wear our blue ones proudly to all the games.
  7. 2 scarves paid for plus extra donation. Thanks very much for all your time and effort to see this project through. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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