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  1. Hope that’s the end of his career the coward deserves what’s coming to him
  2. They all disappeared and it’s imposters playing now
  3. Their goal scorer thought it was a great atmosphere last night and he’d never forget it said he had shivers going down his spine 🤣 oh well son wait till you come to Ibrox and you will know what atmosphere is.
  4. Well so much for being withdrawn wonder how long it will take as she’s just been on again🤔
  5. I worked with an organisation years ago with children that was affected with drug and alcohol addiction within the household we decided to do a comedy sketch with them and have a show in the arches and it was the one and only Janey that came to teach the kids stand up comedy she sounded like a wee fish wife from the east end even then. oh and the kids were great with their own routines as you can imagine 😂
  6. Well she is taking part in the stv children’s appeal so maybe the money can go to that charity. Eh Janey 🤔
  7. The Janey Goddley tweets should be sent to the ITV children’s appeal as she is one of the of the ones promoting it
  8. Keevins is a bumbling old fart 🤤
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