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  1. fair enough....yeah thinking further he defo wants out as he intimated.......make some cash on selling up his share........i still maintain he has done a decent job tho
  2. well seems like he has done a good job balancing books and have provided quite a decent amount for transfers and wages (o halloran...garner).........hes abit of a dodgy geezer but i think genuinely has done a good job.........think he called the warburton situation right also. I also agree about 15 mill has been invested in the club with him at the helm.
  3. sorry i cant resist....you ARE the special one
  4. fair points ye could be right im half skooshed...point well made.....i just feel many of our support are manipulaqted to act in the detriment of what we are trying to achieve
  5. and very sad u looked that up....u not got a bird?
  6. u thinnk he gave a shit about us? just takin a portion of your pie and bovril money mate
  7. listen maybe im detached abit being away....first of all i thought the booing of the team against st johns was disgusting....we are a work in progress....w play some nice stuff....we are lacking in many areas....i think warbo has fucked up the defense....they say he cant change it... i thought playing mackay who has been woefull of late as a playmaker was an intersting try as he was spraying about decent passes.......your point is my issue....too fickle
  8. well maybe but....i have turned away from the site lately.....interestin if we win a couple of games the site starts raving how good we are again
  9. maybe abuse is wrong word but my opinion is many deserted the team first sight of some draws and not going our own way. If thats the way ye want to live yer life then i wouldnt want a mate like that
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