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  1. Fuckin awesome SIMPLY THE BEST :-)
  2. They charge depending on the size of the pub , pub I drink in was getting charged £1500 a month . It's been taken out now though , no enough punters to justify price .
  3. Hutton is no longer involved I don't think , they got a new chairman in a couple of months ago .
  4. Get the fuckin Sleasedales tae blaw some of their hot air on the pitch .
  5. Go Ally and take some of your under achieving over paid players with you !!!!!!
  6. Noni , Noni is nil nil that's aboot aw a ken . But the nite I predict Tri noni for glaschu rangers .
  7. Court shut on Monday and I checked court lists for the rest of the week and can't see the rats name on any of them .
  8. Can't understand why he wasn't immediately re-arrested when he left court on the other arrest warrant ? Wee bastard .
  9. Biggest crowd o the season at the san Queero and they wur aw ther tae see the Queen !
  10. Hoping the sacramento game will be on tv , in vegas from Monday for a fortnight and hoping to find a bar with the game on
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