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  1. Yep me too, I'm in dalmarnock and the fireworks going off like fuck 👍
  2. If any bear considers voting for that showers of Rangers hating scum then they can get themselves so far to fuck. Fuck Swinney, Sturgeon,Terry Munro and the lot of them there was fuck all Rangers as a club could have done to prevent what happened over the weekend except for not running away with the league and then giving the taigs there tainted 10. Fuck the SNP and their followers.
  3. Same here...knew I would be emotional the nearer we got to 55 but fuck me. We have Simply The Best club and support in the world.So proud today
  4. And there you have sheep doing what sheep do and lie Doon Tae they cunts
  5. Fuck me watched the first 5 minutes whit a couple of retards 🤣
  6. Err how you getting to 13 by sunday even if we get beat do they cunts get 5 points if they beat st Johnstone
  7. Yep new rules are for elite training or jollies which the beggars went on...only Olympics and Paralympic are exempt
  8. Awwww leave Duffy alone he's doing a great job for us haha
  9. The 10 is deid Frank noo wants Operation Rebuild lol
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