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  1. Anywho fuck em all it's now the 12th.... Happy 12th bears
  2. Yeah possibly but they must be getting desperate I mean who the fuck have they got left the French under 21 wants away, the thumb is fucked that leaves them with ajeti lol
  3. Probably too busy arresting people for George Square or cutting trees down
  4. Hope to fuck London authorities bill the fuckin SFA for the tidy up
  5. Fuck his apologies....I'm looking for our legal team to go to war with anycunt that retweeted it as being genuine.
  6. How any Rangers fan can vote SNP and we have a few on here is fuckin beyond me. And if you still support them after the shite we have had to read and listen to then do us a favour and fuck off as you are no Rangers fan.
  7. And there you have sheep doing what sheep do and lie Doon Tae they cunts
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