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  1. Fuck me a history lesson and blaming everycunt else for them going to Dubai... Wisnae oor fault honest mister
  2. Cannae whack the sevco pish coming out fuckin clowns
  3. Fuck me Lego eater as manager haha fuckin genius
  4. Get more on like this moon unit this is magic.
  5. This cunt has to b at the wind up haha
  6. Hivs aren't trying here they are fuckin gash
  7. This is a thing of absolute beauty lol cannot stop laughing at these cunts... Karma is a bitch
  8. Aye KY gel ya cunt only gelling session the beggars will b getting
  9. Fuck off with this defending them shite. Holicom in overdrive here tonight on scoreboard
  10. Yeah should b interesting considering he has already said on live TV it was for r & r
  11. Naw keep them all there popcorn teeth Lego eater and the thumb to witness us destroying their fuckin dream.
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