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  1. We can't get 100K punters to sign the e-mail petition.
  2. He had his chance last summer and sat on his hands along with the rest of the blue knights. CG might not have been perfect but at least he had a pair and did good work for Rangers. paul murray,nay nay and thrice nay.
  3. Why is this story from last year been resurrected?
  4. The plot thickens. liewell offering us a place in spl2. CG keeping quiet about it.
  5. Boycott all the clubs who vote in favour of the 12 12 18 set-up. Where is sporting integrity? You'll find it hiding behind self interest. In hindsight we should have tried to join the Conference league when the sfa/spl were messing us about. We missed the boat then.
  6. He should be put against a wall and his heid pelted with bricks. Live on tv.
  7. The deal has to kept secret as "sporting integrity" must be maintained.
  8. He is my constant reminder on the vagaries of evolution.
  9. I can't be doing with all this new age food at the football. Whatever happened to spearmint chewing gum and macaroon bars?
  10. Are those curry pies horse free.
  11. Eat a hearty lunch and then you can concentrate on watching the football and not stuffing yourself with fatty foods
  12. I would prefer Rangers to be playing in England and climbing the leagues there. For anyone to suggest that Rangers would struggle to get to the EPL in 10 years can only be viewed as ridiculous. I would expect Rangers to be challenging for the Premiership on a regular basis after a reasonable settling in period. We are Rangers with a global fanbase and not some provincial club. To be honest I never want to play the beggars again and would be delighted to follow Rangers all the way from the Conference to the Premiership.
  13. Can't forgive or forget what these pompous pricks have done to Rangers. I want to see their heads on spikes outside the front door of Ibrox.
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