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  1. Thug Thursday, ahahahahahahahah. Diddy.
  2. Folk will be rolling up steamin pulling out all sorts of shite.
  3. It says the letters can take 14 days to arrive through the post. Digital copies are going to be a mess.
  4. Ffs man it was just a penalty miss. They're winning nothing regardless.
  5. Dermot Gallagher saying it's not a penalty.
  6. Well if you don't split up after your wean was born on Stevie G's birthday, you're partners for life.
  7. Caldwell was spot on when he said Clancy would be delighted with the decision.
  8. We need to gather full points at home to both. Won't be an easy second quarter for us.
  9. Auld guy thinks that's a point gained.
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