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  1. Just caught the highlights there. Italy were impressive.
  2. Even though his was my first Rangers top I still remember the 5-1 game against England most Traumatised me as a boy in the mid 70’s
  3. Down in Bristol now working for a couple of days, I’ll keep an eye out!
  4. Both great courses. Daughters partner is a member at Cruden Bay.
  5. Lennon bumming himself up. Is it not correct that he didn't win one league championship as manager with either us not being in the league, taken over part way through or given it by zoom call?
  6. Can’t wait for the ‘hilarious’ pictures of them with their cocks out pishing in Trafalgar Sq and flashing at wummin.
  7. Oxford Dictionary are currently redefining ‘imminent’ to maybe, maybe not, leave us alone and give us your ST money.
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