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  1. I always feel like I could beat Cross. I've hit 1 180 in my life so my feeling is probably way off the mark.
  2. That Saudi owner has gone from a decent blowjob tonight to a anger wank from the missus.
  3. Can't even watch it again. Sickener.
  4. Not even close to where he needs to be.
  5. I hate how narrow we are at the back. Way too easy for teams to get crosses in, which we’re shite at stopping.
  6. It was that bad @RFC55 aged about 25 years in 5 minutes. I’ll let him tell you about that one. Dafty 😂
  7. To top it the GB got on at Motherwell on the way home. Tramps, utter vermin.
  8. Raging mate. I’d have been more shocked if we’d actually hung on.
  9. Disgusted with that. We’re going to be in real danger of actually chasing them in a coupe of months. Points we’ve given away are criminal man.
  10. Not long until The Hokey Cokey season too, oooft!!
  11. @novosleftboot traveled up from Northampton for that iirc.
  12. Ah there it is. The guilty becomes the victim again.
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