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  1. He's some wee player. Interesting how next season goes for him because a bench is a waste for him.
  2. Yip. Need to try our best to keep him.
  3. Got a £15m left back hooked after 45 minutes, nuf said.
  4. Heard they three going on about the new CEO. How was he allowed in the stadium when he hasn't even started work for them yet?
  5. I see they’re looking at allowing fans in for play offs. Still not looking good for presentation day as it falls two days short of the restrictions being lifter further. SC final potentially moved to piggery or Ibrox too.
  6. Reading the polis are looking into whether Lennon broke covid regulations.
  7. Lead man got sacked from his job because of his monkey comment the other week. Beardy guy and the fat trampy guy packed it in as it's all become too much for them. Junkie burd not been seen in weeks.
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