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  1. When you think what we've been through this past decade, it will be the sweetest in my lifetime. I'll be in tears of joy that day of that I am certain
  2. I think it's a fair analysis from Jackson who is right to highlight the danger that we could end up being shafted
  3. The first rule of the 75% rule is that there is no 75% rule
  4. I heard that they parted company with hollicom a few months back. Perhaps goes some way to explaining their various PR disasters in recent months....
  5. I did think about moving this thread, but ths issue also has an impact on us and that's why its staying.
  6. Hibs look well up for this, plenty of intent in their play
  7. Unbelievable that Hibs well founded concerns are just being ignored. Is it any wonder that the league can't attract any sponsors?
  8. Heres hoping he can keep it going. Hes had his tough half season, time for his good half season!
  9. Job done, nervy stuff at times after they scored but thats another duck broken this season ie winning right after beating them
  10. Fingers crossed it happens but I dont see the lions happening this year. The way its going the European cup could be scrapped and the 6 nations delayed from what I'm seeing today.
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