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  1. Another covid thread going round in circles and full of tit for tat arguments and name calling. There is a covid thread elsewhere and as we are way off topic now, it's time to lock thread
  2. I'm sure my esteemed colleague thought it a good idea when he was also drunk!
  3. And it's posts like this that rub folk up the wrong way, even those who would agree with you in principle. You're coming across as pretty high and mighty at times and while I'm all for calling out idiocy and spreading false info, there's ways of going about it. Your insinuation that we are asleep on the job is out of order. We do our best but none of us are paid for running the site and we all have lives with jobs, family stuff etc and frankly don't have time to sit and read each and every post far less get drawn into each and every argument.
  4. Ah, the old 'do your own research' line. The one spouted by those mostly making shit up. If you are going to cite a statistic in a post, it would have more credibility if you cited the source.
  5. Voice of sense and reason once again mate
  6. Looking for 2 seats together if possible please
  7. They're not holding back the tears....
  8. Looks like one of Mick Hucknalls love child's. Fell out the ugly tree hitting all the branches on the way down
  9. Because you have a lot of experience watching Rangers over the years and must have a few good stories to tell
  10. That's me and my mate booked up for lyon. Just need to get tickets but we may have a contact sorting us out with home end tickets
  11. Deserved man of the match today, a good accomplished performance,didn't put a foot wrong and played with intelligence.
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