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  1. Arsenal will take the knee no booing but then stand up and then sing about yids during the game, double standards if you ask me.
  2. Will never forget Barry's turn in Leverkusen, was like wtf just happened there ? Such a simple move but at the same time sublime. Easily one of best build ups to a goal up there with McCoists diving header at elland road when hateley dummies for Durrant and gets the pass back to set up Ally.
  3. When does the actual real stuff begin like the hurdles and 100 metres ?
  4. The way I see it is our squad is alot faster and stronger in depth than going into last season, even after winning that cup in France we all still had the January collapse at the back of our minds, plus we had the saga with Lille trying to buy Alfie we don't have that this time, everything is going smoothly. One things for sure Gerrard will not let the squad think anything is going to be easy too much competition for places aswell.
  5. It's like the snooker less characters more robots, plus money coming into the game from people who really don't care about football like the glaziers etc
  6. Quality montage, from our very own julescotia.
  7. Loved Prytz great player and character. You missed out JJ 😜
  8. Even if they do get through PSV will scud the life out them.
  9. We have an artillery of a strike force this season with guys like Wright Aribo Hagi able to play deeper behind the right sided frontman at times on the counter it will just be like having 2 up as Roofe or Sakala will drift into the middle for crosses and cut backs. Obviously teams park the bus domestically so that's more for Europe but definitely scope for 2 up top in the games teams camp in their own half. But our system upfront is perfect and confuses the life out the opposition.
  10. Itten can only really play through the middle so I think the majority of the time it will be Roofe and Sakala being the main strikers interchanging with Kent on the left. Although Itten for me starts on Saturday with Sakala down the right using his pace to fuck livi up.
  11. Am sure he's the lad we got from Orange County Quite exciting this season having these guys properly tested, won't belong till we reap the rewards.
  12. Looks like something out of silence of the lambs
  13. There is no comparison to Der Hammer, no one can hit the ball so accurate and powerful as him, he had a left foot that could open a tin of peaches, which most of his goals were. Plus I think Lundstram does a bit more running off the ball than Jorg did, maybe Nerlinger or Thern be a better comparison but it's early days.
  14. Win the league and a domestic cup and a good run in Europe showcasing our exquisite style of play. And keep Alfie hopefully.
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