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  1. Been some frustrating times but you always knew he was helping us progress we were always on an upwards trajectory under Gerrard imo, definitely was helped in keeping his job with our results in Europe and you could see signs of a promising side that could rip teams apart domestically, this season we have smashed it.
  2. Advocaats 98/99 season won the league title at the piggery in what was a very special day. 02/03 treble winners. Matched them every step of the way and snatched it at the very death, has to be one of the greatest days at Ibrox ever. The 92/93 season is probably still my favourite. Those champions league nights are everything this club is about. Looking back I still find it amazing how we managed to assemble such a great squad during those 9iar years.
  3. His cross field passes have improved big time no longer just aimless hit and hope he now hits them with real dangerous intelligent intent also his runs and movement at set pieces are excellent.
  4. You could argue we would have started all whole lot better with a packed Ibrox getting behind the lads, just glad we won , we are on the brink of one of the greatest title wins ever in our history hopefully fans get back in before we lift the title.
  5. Too excited can't sleep, need to fucking rip this lot to shreds. Some nice crisp and slick play tomorrow no getting caught day dreaming on the ball I want this to be a mauling, despite their recent results I think we are very capable of doing them 3-0 with Alfie getting on the score sheet. Law of averages he has to score.
  6. Goram v Brugge Ferguson v Leverkusen 98 McCann v them 99 Vidmar v Parma Mols v Motherwell (scored 4 against the goalie)
  7. He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy.
  8. I think Hagi will hit a bit of form at some point, with things going well it's lifted the pressure off him a little this season. Just hope he's learning from some great players at the club right now I think he will be great asset but not on the same level as his dad who was up there with the games greatest ever players in history.
  9. This team is far more entertaining than the 2008 team, better intricate play and a lot more positive going forward that takes nothing away from the tactical masterclass that getting to Manchester in 08 was though.
  10. We're going baw deep into the knockout stages easy.
  11. Loved that top, possibly my favourite season ever 92/93 , Durrant was quality in the champions League that season, went something like 44 games unbeaten. Good find should get framed and up on the wall.
  12. "It's ok Bernadette, Shane will come good"
  13. Sandy Jardine hit double figures a few times so did Greig and big Moshni did but not many defenders I can think of that's got Tavs combined goals and assists stats. Koeman got over 250 goals in his career which is incredible.
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