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  1. Can see the mutants already on the blower to Hampden trying to get us quarantined for tomorrow
  2. At the start of the season I was reading scout reports on Aribo and they talked about how vital Aribo is in that position further forward, his dribbling stats were pretty impressive this was based on last season only Kamara came close in terms of how far he drives the ball forward, they said he creates so many chances for the striker from the right side. https://totalfootballanalysis.com/player-analysis/joe-aribo-2019-20-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics
  3. He's a player Gerrard trusts and has remained loyal too which I think Jack deserved but he's not added goals to his game and probably never will now, he's a workhorse and the midfield is much better with him in there, after the livi game I wanted a better balance I think we have achieved that balance now thanks to Arfield who has worked his socks off, so many good players in the squad it's going to be hard to pick the best eleven without leaving someone out.
  4. Cooper's was poetry in motion a sublime piece of genius from a true artist of the game. The two goals at Elland Road are pretty special and Durrant's v Marseille are close to my heart, every Rangers goal is, I think Novo in the cup final is deserving of a mention but tonight Roofe has scored one of the best goals this century for the club and it's great that his goal will be shown world wide across the globe for days a goal every football fan will want to see.
  5. The publicity this goal is getting is unbelievable don't remember Rangers being talked about so much for years. When it went in the only words I could say was "the half way line" was like a dream moment still not sunk in. incredible feeling.
  6. Can't be better than Struth, don't think that's possible, man was years a head of his time but if Gerrard can bring us the title this season he will be up there with all the other great managers we've had.
  7. Google Rangers Leon King and you get quite a fair bit of information on the lad.
  8. Gotta be Tav, but everyone's chipping in with good performances. Barisic , Kent , Mcgregor, Kamara plus the two centre backs have all been stand outs for me as well. Squad is packing with quality now.
  9. Love him he offers so much more than just goals, so intelligent in his runs and link up play, did tend to drift wide at times yesterday when I'd rather he was in the middle but thought he played good once Roofe and Aribo are playing regularly I think he will get loads more chances and take them.
  10. I didn't think anyone would google it, glad I never mentioned space docking now.
  11. The windows shut he's not going anywhere for a while, Jones will be used when needed he proved against motherwell he's a decent asset to have in certain games.
  12. Tommy McLean at Raith Rovers.
  13. Getting Aribo and Kamara for the price we did more than makes up for that signing. Had he not spat at the boy over in that game things might have turned out differently but I don't think Gerrard liked his attitude from the start.
  14. How does one end up chief of a supporters club with that kind of attitude. Will he be helping remove all the stickers they cunts have plastered everywhere as well.
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