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  1. Alittle treble on for Newmarket today In the big race at 3:35 I fancy Calling The Wind or Live Your Dream. Both just at 9s the now still. For better odds Rajinksy at 40/1 might be worth a wee e/w punt as he recently won at Ascot and looked decent.
  2. Easily one of the biggest names our club have ever signed, and he didn't disappoint. Very intelligent and unselfish player who really made an impact and wasn't just at the club for a wage. Any mere mortal would have been crippled after that game against Cameroon where they booted the life out him.
  3. Good win the night 7-1 v Partick
  4. Patterson was at least 7/10 easy, set up the 1st goal and hardly made a mistake defensively. He managed to beat his man when crossing more often than not rather than just hit the first man, which has been happening a lot recently so he definitely improved our attacking play imo.
  5. Sid ? that mean solid in defence ? He has been pretty decent, his tackling has been first class. Goldson reads the game that bit better, surely you seen the difference without Goldson the other night ?
  6. Dealt with it the day. There was no papering over the cracks today, you are calling Barisic a wimp basically, now this is a guy who is in around the Croatian national team and has been a stand out most of his gers career he's technically very good and today he showed that, we would be moaning if it was the other way about if he could only defend rather than attack. Try see the positives instead of over analysing it like Alan Hansen or someone.
  7. Chances are they would have attacked more with 11 men instead they started playing long balls and packing their own box making it even harder.
  8. Davis could do with a rest he's played some amount of football so far this season so more a rest than actually being dropped.
  9. Hmmm 🤔 don't really see him being any better than say some of our youngsters already at the club that could be given game time like Kelly or McCann for instance. Hate using the Warburtonesque patter but if we are not careful our team will soon look like he's our chief scout
  10. Injuries, suspensions,form,covid have prohibited this from happening but that's why we have a big squad plus a B team, a lot of our players also play internationals which also adds to the lack of continuity when it comes to a settled line up. To answer your question, no I don't think we have don't even think we have managed two games with the same line up as you have McGregor not playing every game and Bassey and Barisic switching every other game plus the injury to Helander. But things will settle down and can only improve, imo the squad has shown resilience so far this season and once we click into gear and hit form, we will start battering teams once again.
  11. 1-1 Hamburg snatched a point at the death thanks to an og
  12. If they drop points again he's up yabby creek without a paddle and it's not the Crocs he's got to worry about ( it's the sharks ! )
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