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  1. Never got enough time to settle at our club to truly show how much class he absolutely oozed, at the time the squad was bulging with talent, Tugay was bought mainly for Europe where he was highly regarded as one of the best deep lying midfielders in the business imo if Souness hadn't been manager of Blackburn I doubt we would have sold him for such a low price he played over 270 games in eight seasons for Rovers where he definitely played some of his best football which should have been at Rangers.
  2. No real obvious weak links in our first 11, next season I think we will see some improvements in certain players I.e more consistency. Our squad is brimming with quality it's important we keep the core of this title winning team together for the champions league, obviously if a decent offer comes in for either Kamara or Barisic I'd be tempted but hopefully we can keep all our stand out players.
  3. looks like he would fit in to our system quite well tracks back and has a good turn of pace and he's got good vision to pick a pass, Kent on the left him on the right Alfie in the middle and we will destroy teams.
  4. I'm sure he did a Cruyff turn in a game once but aye he was excellent at stopping shots with his legs/feet.
  5. Goram came up against better players than what Shagger has (in Scotland). See when posters are saying Goram was good with his feet they meaning saving the ball with his feet or actually with the ball like control , passing etc ?
  6. Hopefully he's going to be a really good signing and make up for us not signing jess all those years ago
  7. Walter liked him and a suppose seen him as a good dependable member of the squad, used to have this argument with my brother his opinion was he was a gifted defender a thought he was a donkey but he did play at a world cup so maybe he was better than I remember. I can only really mind his goal v Sofia.
  8. Burke was really good as well that night, can't mind if he hit the bar but lovenkrands was on fire at the time against a top team in villareal with Senna Tachinardi and Requelme (droolz) plus Forlan and maybe sonny Anderson?
  9. Leeds in the battle of Britain and that whole campaign was epic so many great memories from Nisbet scoring that fluke to Durrant scoring in marseille and then failing to score v CSka Moscow in the last game, I'm sure their keeper that night was on something. The season we played Parma and got through was also full of great results destroying PSV home and away with Albertz scoring a ripper. Dodds scoring that sublime chip v gratz. Loverkrands goal v Villareal, Boyds miss in the second leg. Great memories but loads of heartache.
  10. He was a hidden gem plucked from relative obscurity, he actually did start off at Ajax and was signed by Feyenoord albeit very late in his career, he played with Utrecht not AZ where he was worshiped like a god, that aside to say he was just a 9 game wonder and undeserving of his hero status is nonsense, he battled back from injury and played his part in the treble win under Mcleish.
  11. Didn't he make a few appearances under Advocaat ? The amount of cash we spent on strikers over the years is unbelievable only Mols ever came close to being the real deal. Was at Negri's debut and tbh was quite gutted McCoist's place in the team looked to be coming to an end but he still scored a few that season the diving header v them being one of my favourites.
  12. He's stopped the fuck ups like the one v Hamilton and his bringing the ball out from defence and playing long passes has improved tremendously also much more of a threat at set pieces. Not my poty but wouldn't be surprised if he got second place For Me It's Tav then Mcgregor then Goldson then Davis a few others like Kamara and Barisic have also been top class, actually really hard to pick just one player for the award but Tav was colossal so should win it.
  13. As long as we Keep Alfie and Kent any good substantial offers should be accepted.
  14. Gazza was actually incredibly fit , if you watch him at Euro 96 the shift he puts in every game is incredible right upto the semis he's still running about daft even in extra time.
  15. Goram Tav weir Gough Numan McCall Ferguson Gazza Laudrup McCoist Albertz Bench: Mcgregor, Brown, Davis, Mols, de Boer, Boyd, I Ferguson.
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