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  1. But it's the same damn transfer rules that everyone follows. MW followed them to the letter. No issue
  2. Why would the media say anything to MW when 1. We let the club know in advance 2. We contacted and signed them during the appropriate window.
  3. For crying out loud....we sent an email to the club secretary and told her in advance that the tanks were being parked on their lawn....
  4. Wrong article. It says a Arsenal scout was at the game to watch no one in particular and doesn't mention a 1millliom quid bid or offer
  5. Started hitting the bottle a little bit early today. The lack of sleep is kicking my ass these days
  6. With the issues that Manchester United has had this season at the forward position, I'm sure surprised they didn't offer 2 million ...
  7. They barely missed promotion last year and they are in the thick of the promotion hunt this year. I doubt their owner and coach will let them go easily given their importance to advancing on to League One
  8. And take him off his current research for the cure for cancer???
  9. To be fair, the English Championship is two levels about League 2. Much different quality of players in each league
  10. A sad thing if true....but makes sense given the lack of success in Europe for Scottish clubs lately.
  11. That's about right. A few difference-makers to add to the current squad of players.
  12. That is all great but the financial reality is that the club is currently running at a 7M quid loss per year and while revenue has increased with season ticket sales, so have expenses to cover the items you mention above. Unfortunately due to the overheads at Ibrox, Champions League money (being in the Group Stage of the CL) seems to be the way to get to a breakeven point. Its a catch 22....to get the higher money, you have to spend money on improved players that will not only win the SPL, but will advance to the CL Group stages.
  13. For the club, they get a chance to get a much better look at him during actual match situations to see whether a long term deal is worth it. For the player, they get a chance to train in the Spring at a fantastic training ground and earn a wage. For the player, they can also play themselves into a higher wage based on their individual performance as well as the success of the club (SPL or Europa League via a Cup win)
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