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  1. Them posting on twitter how glad they are to sig for a big club will piss off their own fans at Stanley.

    They are definitely helping their case for getting here in this window.

    They barely missed promotion last year and they are in the thick of the promotion hunt this year. I doubt their owner and coach will let them go easily given their importance to advancing on to League One

  2. I personally think it's yet another lazy, misleading and mischievous piece of journalism. All of our problems of the past few years were never going to just disappear overnight, and we were never going to build a SPFL/Champions League winning team in the Championship, throwing millions of pounds at players. It takes time, and a bit of patience to do things right. And that is the most important thing. Getting it right (as best we can).

    We are laying and implementing essential, fundamental structures to ensure everything is in place ie staff, recruitment, scouting, youth teams, training, formation, ethos, infrastructure, historic contracts, PR etc. There have been mistakes and there will no doubt be more mistakes to come but things are progressing very nicely on and off the field given we are only about 7 months into the new regime. That said, I actually think our current squad could easily compete in the SPFL and with a few quality additions, which I believe will happen, we can win the SPFL at the first time of asking. Warburton will have done extensive homework on a higher calibre of player IMO and I think the Board will back him. The gap that some seem to see is simply not there IMO and there is no reason to fear anyone in the SPFL.

    There is such a positivity around Ibrox right now that you could be forgiven for thinking that many journalists would be focusing on all the great things and changes we have made, but yet again, although there are some token compliments it is a very unnecessarily negative piece IMO.

    Out of interest, what are the valid points you seen from the piece?

    That is all great but the financial reality is that the club is currently running at a 7M quid loss per year and while revenue has increased with season ticket sales, so have expenses to cover the items you mention above. Unfortunately due to the overheads at Ibrox, Champions League money (being in the Group Stage of the CL) seems to be the way to get to a breakeven point. Its a catch 22....to get the higher money, you have to spend money on improved players that will not only win the SPL, but will advance to the CL Group stages.

  3. Why 6 months?

    For the club, they get a chance to get a much better look at him during actual match situations to see whether a long term deal is worth it. For the player, they get a chance to train in the Spring at a fantastic training ground and earn a wage. For the player, they can also play themselves into a higher wage based on their individual performance as well as the success of the club (SPL or Europa League via a Cup win)

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