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  1. I carry enough cunts on this game mate ;) I think you might be too much....
  2. Any cunt on here play this that’s half decent for league play? I’m not the greatest of players but you end up getting teamed up with cunts with no thumbs. Ps4 btw.
  3. Rapid beat them 2-0 and they’re actual dug shite.
  4. As it should be. Historically the biggest club in that group. All three teams probably expected fuck all from us and we’re showing them how it’s done.
  5. Probably the best and most frustrating game ever made. You’ve got to love it though.
  6. Happy with this as I think all round he is better than Wallace.
  7. sat in the club deck and it was surprisingly decent.
  8. not a penalty ? you're tuned to the moon ya cunt.
  9. Lets fucking go Rangers!!!! I'm confident, always will be when we play the bead rattlers. 2-1
  10. He looks awful in all honesty. You'll be able to tell better after a few more games though.
  11. He should stick to tweeting about that love island shit, boys a roaster.
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