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  1. That AZ mob will get through easily tonight, then Sunday is in the bag as confidence goes
  2. It’s just lucky this team are so utterly shite, it has to be the heat draining the players
  3. The tickets that don’t include tarrier games are cheaper, and you’d have been aware when buying it. So you’ve hardly paid a fortune with the cheaper option. It was in the terms of the discounted ticket, so suck it up. You’ll now have the option to buy your seat for the game if you want at full price
  4. Our greatest strength is also our biggest weakness as we deserve so much better but we cannot fail to support to team in record numbers every week. There’s no appetite from the board to do better as long as we keep the money flowing in
  5. Reports are they’re getting up to 11 million somehow?? WtF
  6. Sadly it is, I want it to be real, but it’s just nonsense. If it was real, they’d post screenshots to validate it
  7. Nothing on there is real, I’ve tried scouring their cesspit to validate these and it’s all made up pish. It’s a good parody of their shite though
  8. That’ll be him worth 100 million dembele dollars now FFS
  9. Have people not realised that kerryfail account is totally fake, I wanted to laugh more at the cunts and not one of the posts from kerryfail was genuinely in there
  10. If they only count when in competition with us, they're still going their first as we were fucked by the SFA on their first, and we weren't at the races last season with the charlatans in our club letting the taigs run away with it.
  11. I don't think we can release too many of them as that twat Warburton lumped them all on reasonable length contracts. While,the decent honourable thing to do would be for them to walk away, we're stuck with them until someone buys the shower of shite that we want rid of
  12. Pedro has fucked this by slating the players all week and then hoping to get any performance out of them for the rest of the season. We're fucked with this donkey in charge
  13. The bheasts have given up bringing Forrest on, he's pish so they won't get any more thankfully
  14. I can't watch this any more, the refs agenda is clear, they're gonna embarrass us today
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