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  1. Honestly wouldn’t have minded them getting him tbh, think he’d have absolutely choked but the fact they had their hearts set on it and spent 3 months celebrating it makes the whole thing absolutely fantastic
  2. This guy was apparently our second choice behind Caixinha 😂😂😂
  3. Another deleted account 😂 Rangers performing a public service here
  4. If I made a tiktok video purporting to show that Neil Lennon is a paedophile, and Murdo Fraser tweeted along the lines of “IF this turns out to be true...” there’s absolutely no way the “if” would be enough to get him off the hook
  5. I love Scotland so no offence intended here, but it’s not a real country. MSPs libelling themselves because they hate a particular football team so much that they publicly endorse an obviously faked tiktok video by “wulliewanker” is beyond embarrassing. There’s emerging war torn African nations laughing at how amateur the Scottish government is
  6. Agreed. There’s too much at stake with reputation, sponsorship, future transfers etc. Think this will be taken all the way
  7. “Senior SNP members and journalists launch vile libellous attack on young migrants” is the headline we should, but definitely won’t, see
  8. Public apologies should not cut it here. Long, drawn out court cases with huge damages please👍🏻Particularly as these scumbags chose to single out Kamara, presumably to discredit everything he’s been through. No mercy Rangers
  9. All stemming from an obviously dubbed Tiktok video by a guy literally called wulliewanker. Absolutely incredible
  10. A government minister being forced to publicly apologise to a football club would just be too tinpot for words 😂
  11. Delighted for Tav but I’d have Goldson and McGregor ahead of him tbh
  12. Wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but that’s fucking amazing tbh. Well done to all involved
  13. 12 post thread on their many indiscretions here. Cunts are insane 😂
  14. happening now on the tallest building in the world
  15. Tens of thousands of people having a party, a few arseholes end up scrapping and a big mess is left. Same as any music festival or similar event. Nothing to see here.
  16. The goals against is the most impressive stat of them all for me
  17. Fucking hell. Now they do need grassing up to their employers
  18. Agree with all of this. The guy’s clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer and I don’t think he meant it like that, he’s just thick as mince. A ridiculous thing to say given the current climate but not deserving of losing his job imo
  19. In terms of setting the record straight, that follow up video went as well as Prince Andrew’s interview with Emily Maitlis
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