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  1. I was very confident that quigg was winning by KO but after seeing the weigh in I thought quigg looked really drained at the weight.....
  2. I really like frampton but I think Quigg is criminally underrated....I think it will be a much closer fight than many think. In an ideal world this year we will get to see fights with Khan vs brook, frampton vs quigg and degale vs groves!
  3. That will be because he is signing a promotional deal with frank warren (allegedly)....rigo is a quality fighter but he doesn't command big money enough for the risk of fighting him, frampton vs quigg is the biggest fight for both.
  4. Anything frank warren is involved in is at best shocking....great performance by frampton....hope if/when he fights quigg sky get the rights to it. Fancy frampton but I think like brook, quigg is very underrated and is much better than the opponents he has faced would suggest.
  5. Just a shame he left matchroom....a fighter of his class and with a sold out arena it should be on Sky....stick on win. Really hope brooks injury isn't serious and the khan fight gets made for next year....will be interesting to hear the facts of what happened mind you.
  6. The guys obviously not the best reader....he may be dyslexic but when your a multi millionaire and the best boxer of his generation I doubt hel really give a fuck....
  7. No chance of a rematch mate. Firstly as great as it was to see Brook win, it wasnt a great fight and I doubt the broadcasters would be to keen on it. I think Brook will take a gimme defence in Sheffield then next May fight Khan at Wembley, unless Khan gets Mayweather. Brook is in a great position though as he doesnt have a mandatory or a rematch clause so can pretty much pick who he wants next and Pacman could be an option which would be a great spectacle.
  8. http://www.boxingchannel.tv/al-bernstein-gives-his-post-fight-analysis-on-brooks-win-over-porter One of the most respected commentators and analysers of boxing gives his views but no need to listen as our resident boxing expert (with his experience of other combat sports )is telling us its corrupt and that the judges were paid off.
  9. are you sure RANGERS media is the right place for you? Conspiracy theories, wife beating, a complete disregard for what you post and a clear misunderstanding of opinion and accusation... Regardless, go and watch the fight again. Preferably without jim watts ridiclious analysis (watch the American coverage and listen to their views and scoring). Watch how many clean shots porter lands (or doesn't). Now I agree it was not a landslide win but you clearly stated it was corrupt and that someone was paid....now that is an accusation....do you have anything to back it up? If you look on twitter and b
  10. clearly you know absolutely nothing about boxing and instead spend your days buying into all the online hysteria..... Brook clearly won the fight. The scoring was excessive IMO as it was closer (I had brook by 2) but porter was so messy in his work. He rarely caught brook clean and lead with his head time after time. Brook on the other hand picked some great shots and rocked porter on 2/3 occasions. Erm porter wasn't shocked either, watch him after the bell he knew he didn't do enough. I hate all this exaggeration and over the top reactions to judging which admirably is poor but not in the way
  11. How can that happen twice to the benefit of them with different teams.....dodgy as fuck IMO.
  12. I thought it was gonna be over in the first round or two but fair play to him for coming back.....judging in boxing is still the sports biggest issue IMO as it's either corrupt or completely inept! Feel sorry for rose but he was just not in the same league as Andrade.
  13. Anyone give Rose much chance tonight? Would be some achievement if he could do it but it's a big ask.
  14. Having never boxed its hard to judge what goes through your mind in that position but your right had he simply boxed and moved, the fight was his but in the 6th he dropped his hands and started trading which gave froch his chance......I hate bellew but he made a good point tonight that it almost seemed like groves lost a bit of confidence after throwing everything at groves and he was still standing......
  15. Tell that to Bernard Hopkins mate...... I'm not sure groves is as intelligent as he'd like us all to believe.....I think sooner or later he will get dragged into a dogfight and I don't think hel survive.
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