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  1. I think this is pretty much how things will pan out once everyone's fit etc although I'm pretty sure rossiter will be a starter.
  2. Difficult one today....on the one had I really want us to destroy these cunts for the playoff debacle but 100% understand where the gaffer is viewing this as a glorified preseason game. 3-1 win hopefully! ??
  3. Not to kind of player I would have went for and personally liked the look of the lad from Plymouth BUT I think Warbutton has earnt our trust and we just need to see how it goes....def need to improve defensively For me I think if we get Kranjar which seems a done deal then the priority is a striker and maybe full back cover.
  4. It's somewhat depressing to see that the over reactions on here never change......defensively we need to improve no doubt and that's as a team and we desperately need to add a natural DM. BUT......we have made massive strides forward this year and we will have ups and downs and everyone's entitled to their opinions but the critisim of individuals is getting a bit boring
  5. It's an embarrassment that Wallace has been overlooked again and I feel really sorry for him especially when you look at some of those included.... That said from a personal point of view I don't care about Scotland anymore....ran by scum for scum who hate everything about us and what we represent! Fuck them!
  6. Who would have thought it eh! Rangers actually investing in youth and making s conceous effort to provide s pathway to the first team! I just wish we hadn't lost those 3 years! But onwards and upwards! The Futures bright.......!!!
  7. It is remarkable in many ways but also shows you what could have been achieved had we not let the gardener make a mockery of us for 3 years.....it still angers me the staunch defence many give him to this day....he didn't have a clue and had no work ethic....he was still treating it as if all he had to do was pick 11 guys and that was it.....look at the little tweaks warbutton made straight away and the time and effort he puts in and the benefits are there for all to see. Couldn't be happier with the progress we have made but still a long way to go and I have every faith MW knows t
  8. Poor today but take the 3 points.....big concern for me is that we aren't seeming able to even create many clear cut chances over the last few games....not sure about MOH seems to be a bit one trick pony
  9. We are undoubtedly not clinical enough and desperately need a number 9 who stays in the box that said we didn't play poorly today. Created loads of chances and were a bit unlucky at times. The pitch definetly didn't help....they literary had everyone inside their 18 yard box at times! Keep the faith plus junkie scum still drawing
  10. Pretty much everyone with a degree of common sense understands this but as others have said I don't believe the gap is that big.....if we improve our spine....(still not sure of the keeper), add a Commanding CB, a natural DM and a striker we will be in a good place IMO.
  11. That's the difference! The spiv manager would have been waxing lyrical about a performance like that and the usual suspects on here would be giving nonsense like "3 points is all that matters".....well look where that attitude got us! I love the fact the manager and players are able to notice when levels drop! That's all we as fans want and I have every confidence they will learn from today!
  12. I know you tend to get this a lot when new managers come in from players that maybe wernt getting a game but it is surely abundantly clear now even to the staunch ally lovers that this man was a fraud, stealing money (still is the spiv) whilst nearly destroying us with his incompetence! If only more of you had taken the blinkers off earlier and not fell for his excuses and deflection we could maybe have forced a change years ago!
  13. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/8905-video-paul-murray-exclusive Doesn't really say a lot to be honest.....
  14. There's no reason why we shouldn't as on paper we are a better team than anything we would come up against in the playoffs And there were some really positive signs today BUT I just don't trust this group of players In a KO situation.
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