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  1. Plastic pitch again? Think this one is ment to better quality. Not seen it
  2. Where's the passing and possession we are used to. Poor football today. Still should get the result
  3. Can you afford to pay them off like? Cause rangers can't and I doubt king will spend his own money to get rid.
  4. Seems he's being clever with his words here. We will find out if all 3 fit players start next game.
  5. I think this is just a little to optimistic. Would love that but in reality that won't happen.
  6. How the rest of the players react to this will be vital. If I was in that team Id want to leave right now. Chances of playing have halved even if form is good. We will have 5 players playing hard and the rest not bothered.
  7. I was on phone for half hour and was caller 30. Enclosure is pish. Kids wil see nothing. Was thinking it was a sell out Aswell.
  8. Called and got tickets this morning. Was told only enclosure left. But now it's pay at gate. Wish she had said.
  9. McMurdo saying on Facebook that he's contaced the club and the woman was punched. I'm still calling bullshit.
  10. It's like a daily record edit room in hear The woman said she was punched so hard her she lost her back tooth. I say bullshit.
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