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  1. We'll be exceptionally lucky if he's the only one. If that Brazil-Argentina game wasn't the perfect evidence of international football being a farce right now...
  2. Guessing it was some hopeful attempt at trying to make up for having only two fit/eligible 'proper' midfielders left. Didn't look like he knew where he was supposed to be.
  3. There's at least one thumb-shaped racist who'd fit right in.
  4. Wonder why it's a crowdfunded thing and not being done for Byline Times, Adrian's newspaper? Yet to see a tweet of support for his important work from one of his Byline colleagues who's not usually so shy about justice and the courts. Glad the victims and their families have been given this platform to demand some long overdue recognition.
  5. Half of nothing, second to none...oh, wait... 🦈
  6. Straight on the plane afterwards please, lads, coronavirus running riot over there apparently.
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