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  1. You'll be waiting a long time for that...they can't even be bothered to look annoyed.
  2. Because the one guy who can, until today, deliver a cross to a threat at the back post is Barisic? A million sins being overlooked to get to that reasoning, but what else do they have?
  3. That's even better than the clusterfuck of Barcelona's three most expensive signings all being on the subs bench...the pure comedy of somehow arranging for €160 million of that to help humiliate you.
  4. Might be happening anyway? https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11781/12043691/coronavirus-aberdeen-player-tests-positive-ahead-of-st-johnstone-trip
  5. Yes? We've just watched blatant financial bribery work to make other clubs fall into line, for less money than Rangers bring in two or more league visits each season. We're about to hear all about the merits of league reconstruction, like it's not a desperate attempt to keep those same games happening. Maybe not "nicer", but poorer, quieter, and reminded of their place.
  6. The former easily covered by the proceeds from a full compliment of Rangers fans on league visits twice or more next season...
  7. I hope the board make their displeasure known, strenuously so, on each occasion Rangers fill their stadiums next season.
  8. "Article 3, clause 3, sub-clause 3.8, clearly states... that it was a brilliant season, congratulations to all the deserving champions, let's move on for the greater good."
  9. How to pretend to be a dominant centre-back and leader while appearing terrified of a football?
  10. I thought he was less of a shitebag physically than normal tonight, just had to go ruin it by thinking he's a footballer.
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