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  1. Cottons, think the Renfrew team might normally drink thrre after games too
  2. Can we agree not to post the previous line ups, had to live it for last few years, dont want reminded!
  3. This shouldn't even merit the rumours thread in transfer forum..
  4. Look forwardto this thread being bumped in a week after no big signings....
  5. Right, I'm heading up to the ticket office tomorrow with my evidence of travel all over the country for last four years just to get a ticket for East Stirling...i didnt even get tickets for them in division 3!!
  6. You feel shafted? I'm the same as you but got neither!!
  7. Most of our first team could, so I dont think they're looking for that just wages to reflect the promotion and possible salarys of others
  8. May just be the case that they want to increase their wages/add a year due to being back in top flight and new players being on higher wages but they or agents believe they deserve a little bit more. not too worried myself as not like big clubs would come in for them right noe
  9. Mine better come soon as didn't get one for Motherwell
  10. Dont think thats a change, had my debit card details for years and take as and when youre allocated a ticket. Think it might change depending how many people sign up.
  11. Had my name on my seat in Govan Rear since i was a kid, think it was an optional thing at the time or something to do with guatanteeing your seat for 25 years?
  12. To each their own, but to say you were at kirkcaldy and being mortified by thinking - at a time - that we were winning the league.....I was enoying it NEARLY as much as dunfermline 2003. I dont understand fans who belittle passion due to the last 4 years.
  13. Cheers, will phone them tomorrow. Owe you a couple pints if it works!
  14. Just re-read the email and realised the deadline for collection confirmation has passed. Going to chance my luck with an e-mail to try and avoid £7 rip off, anyone had any luck doing this??
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