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  1. Whatever Gio said at halftime has completely gone now. Having to wait on these clowns.
  2. The passing is good, just needs a cutting edge at times. The press could use a bit of work but I'm glad it's back. Plenty to improve on but a halftime lead has been pretty rare recently so I'll take it.
  3. Goldson watching that ball come at him from 60 yards away.
  4. With the comparisons to Goram I'm put in mind of his European debut...against Sparta Prague 😬
  5. 👍 I'm in Barbados 👍 I'm several beers down 👍 Found the game on local TV 👍 2-0 win and through to the knock out stages 👍 Beggars horsed out on their arse again Carlsberg don't do Thursdays, but if they did 😁😁😁
  6. We're 2-0 up, nearly in the knock out stages and Tav's head is down. Not captain material.
  7. Subway loyal are fucking oddballs. Ten minutes watching your team is worth 30 minutes trying to get away from the stadium.
  8. This is night and day compared to the recent guff. We still have a fuck up in us though.
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