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  1. Their number 12 Higgins who sold the goal to Patterson is a massive bitter tim from a family of massive bitter tims.
  2. "Whoever scores at the back post" 😂😂😂 Brown is hurting.
  3. I'd really like to see Wright start a game. Looks hungry and he can play.
  4. Aribo off, Hagi to the middle, Arfield or Wright or some cunt who will run over to the right to help out Balogun.
  5. Whatever you think about taking the knee, it at least keeps the issue of racism in the public conscience.
  6. Remember not being confident about this one at all. Got to Hampden pished and the rest was history! Loved Jelavic and wee Weiss.
  7. We could have done with Jack tonight. They were alright, not great. If it started 11 v 11 we would be watching extra time by now.
  8. At 1-0 and 11 v 11 we could easily have been back in this. They're a good side but they're going through because we shat the bed.
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