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  1. Striker was clearly behind the winger when he plays it in.
  2. Just had a wee look on Twitter, the unwashed are fucking howling at the moon 😂
  3. Keeper was pointing at his head before the pen, trying to play mind games.
  4. Think when Gerrard said he had to toughen up he went away and did exactly that. He's a winner.
  5. Thought he did well. We need to adjust is we're starting him so we're not filtering down the right quite as much. I like the big man. We're as defensively sound as we've been for years.
  6. Away and tell us how the Antwerp pen was spot on again.
  7. Maybe shows how good he's been but losing his man for the goal, nearly cost us one just after that and seemed to be tucking in far too much. Just delighted he stepped up.
  8. Honest to fuck man, I'm getting pushed and away to do a Sevco search on Twitter 😂
  9. Fair play. Had an absolute nightmare but showed balls of steel to put two penalties away. One of my favourite players at the best of times but really depends on confidence to maintain form. Delighted for him.
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